Nokia X2-00

Nokia X2-00

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  • Nokia

Alam, 06 Dec 2012My experience of this handset. It is very wroste mobile. Because... moreCharging was too late in this mobile

  • AB

It is the greatest phone and i am using it for 2 years.Its all functions are good and its 5MP camera is very good for taking photos.

  • J K L

so beautiful,this is the most beautiful cellphone that i have

  • Alam

My experience of this handset. It is very wroste mobile. Because there are many problem in this handset like - charging problem- set hanged prb.- above 4GB memory not supported.

  • kannan

nice phone using it for last 1 year good loud speaker .guality of camera not up to the mark

  • nabila

zafri, 05 Dec 2012It is a very beautiful handser.i like it & i will buy this s... moreit is the bestest phone i ever use in nokia using it regularly from 2 years.still no problem no defect,best features with 5 MP camera n flash.strong slim n beautiful.all in 1 in cheap rate..must buy! :)

  • zafri

It is a very beautiful handser.i like it & i will buy this set in some days..(INSHALLAH)
Thnks nokia company

  • Kingini

It Is Very Nice, Fast. It Give Me A Surprase For Me

  • spider

its a very good luking and stylish handset,its camera quality is very good,sound quality is very good.and i have used this phone from last 1 year.i m tottaly satisfied with it.

  • pappi

i m not satisfied with one decision of BOD of not including the facility of WLAN.....

  • Anonymous

Nokia x2 is a nice mobile.its working very well

  • Prakash

Why its not support all live tv channels?

  • saeed

i wish to buy this phone but i am poor otherwis i like it very much

  • rajumakkar25

mspb, 16 Nov 2012Nokia X2-02 battery performance is very poor. Don't purchase thisGreat music sound and such a camera with flesh

  • siva vel

when some text is received that's automatically hide.. once we switched off and review the msg... battery condition is toooooo bad.... some times camera makes some mistake when it continuously working means max 50 photo's.. i update the s/w thrice in an 7 months.. some what nice to use....

  • ramesh

I like this phone, i wish to buy this phone, but could not get any where in the market. i have searched whole mumbai market. not getting, stopped producing. i am unlucky man in the world.

  • nalinbhai pandat

This phone is not fast. so i don't like it

  • Andru

its good. Music player is perfect good sound quality, and browsing fast is better than other nt support 3g 4ns. I think this z awesome 4n low price

Taha, 27 Nov 2012I've been using this phone from more than two years. Initially i... moreIt's definitely not meant for people with a data plan (no 3G so it's obvious). I just use the browser for Facebook Zero (the only free thing I can get on prepaid) and with normal use of other functions I get 2 days out of it. ;-)

Test results by Mobile-Review:

WEB-surfing (EDGE-connection) - 3.5 hours
Listening to music on headphones - 25 hours
Radio - 21 hours

  • Taha

AdamBoy64, 12 Nov 2012Hey there. I had a couple of questions about this phone - I was ... moreI've been using this phone from more than two years. Initially it worked good, but now its a waste, its not good for texters, when you write something in the browser {suppose a message on facebook}, it slows down, and its battery backup was worst from the beginning, but today its much worst. It gives only 4 hours of backup even if you only surf the internet and don't listen to any music. However, the speaker and camera quality is quite nice....if you are a texter, never ever go for this phone,