Nokia X2-00

Nokia X2-00

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  • mithun

Hang mobile inset sim

  • mithun

Hang mobile inset sim

  • geethu

Its nice. I am enjoying every moment with my cute phone

  • picto

owned this phone for two years now with no problems at all :-)

gorrish, 24 Nov 2012every type of video is not working on it...You have to convert them to .3gp or .mp4 max 320x240 resolution - you can use Format Factory for example.

  • gorrish

every type of video is not working on it...

  • aps

lala, 02 Nov 2012pls tell me which one is best nokia x2 or nokia asha 200? reply soonx2 is nice cell but asha200 is also a good cell..its camera quality is awesome..n this is a Doul sim cell

  • Mike

1) Worst Batt Backup
2) Worst Browsing Experience
3) Very Slow
4) 5mp is similar to 1.5mp
5) Bad color display .....not recommended

Good thing is you can roughly use it without any tension ...

  • Anonymous

Dory, 15 Nov 2012Pls help.every time i try to download watsapp on my nokia x2 it ... morePLz D/L Watssapp thrue Nokia Ovi Store

Someone, 21 Nov 2012Do not purchase this phone, the only thing good about this phone... moreRemember Eldar Murtazin? The guy from Mobile Review who hates Nokia? He loved this one. I used Google Translate for this:


No complaints on the quality of voice transmission in both directions, the earpiece has volume reserve, the interlocutor can hear well. The quality of communication at a normal level. The ringer volume is excellent, he cries, vibrating slightly stronger than average.

In some countries, the cost of this model includes an annual subscription to Nokia Comes with Music (OVI Music Unlimited in the new name). It is not that just great, and killer offer that other companies can not oppose anything. Unfortunately, in Europe and in Russia, such a proposal is not so in the supply of Russian put a voucher for 200 rubles for the purchase of music in the OVI Music. This is clearly not enough, but anyone in Russia so worried about licensing music, especially among buyers of inexpensive phones?

Let's take a look at the X2-00 from the standpoint of universal telephone. The device turned out to youth, and stuffed the opportunities that simply do not have phones in its price range candybar in Nokia it is strongest. Thus, 5-megapixel camera with very good shots, the metal battery cover, the presence of a large number of games, plus two screaming speaker, radio without a headset connector, 3.5 mm. In short, if not turned the young man's dream, then something close to it. Even the USB On the Go is present, which so zealously advertised for Nokia N8.

Among the shortcomings - improper wiping plastic lining on the speakers. The display, which does not have large viewing angles, I probably would not call this a big disadvantage is cost-effective feature of the matrix. The minus is more serious is that when you enter text in all applications (programs), it is extremely slow. In general, smart phone, but that text input is a flaw in it, and the keyboard is not too convenient.

In Russia, the phone is sold in exclusive Euroset, currently the price for it - almost 6000 rubles. After a period of exclusive price will fall by about 500 rubles, which is not bad. In Europe, the price is more attractive, it is up to 100 euros depending on the country (available without a memory card included). This is one of the best models in its price range in terms of price / performance ratio, excellent offer for young people. Competitors as such does not exist. At older price segment is present outgoing model Samsung S7220 Ultra, it is done nicely, has similar characteristics, and even a little more interesting. But it is no longer produced, and leaves the market, expect a large price reduction is not necessary. Also in the price category 8000 rubles (170-200 euros) a model of Sony Ericsson Elm. This candy bar also has a metal back plate, similar to the screen (less brightness, oddly enough, it is dim), there is also support for 3G plus Wi-Fi. Normal autofocus camera with what might be called an advantage. The model is not very nimble on the menu. But it's a little different class, which in some ways plays Nokia X2-00, not as a universal solution, and not as a rich set of delivery (even headset are much cheaper). When the difference in the cost of 50 euros is worth paying attention on the Nokia X2-00.

The bottom line I can say is that Nokia has turned youth bestseller, one of the models, which is destined to become massive and extremely popular. The King in the youth segment phones. Competitors do not have a model now.

  • Someone

Do not purchase this phone, the only thing good about this phone is its music player and its camera or else this phone is a waste. The browser is slow as fuq, battery life is nothing to write about, it has low memory when you use softwares. I'm using this phone right now but I'm going to let it go as soon as I get enough money to get an E6.

  • AdamBoy64

mspb, 16 Nov 2012Nokia X2-02 battery performance is very poor. Don't purchase thisThat's a different phone.
The X2-02 page is here -

  • Papu

EII EMM, 14 Nov 2012i thnk it z a nce phone and i used many phones bt no 1 like this... moreBetry is not good

  • mspb

Nokia X2-02 battery performance is very poor. Don't purchase this

  • Babar ali palh

micheal, 07 Nov 2012it does not open, in window?s V.nice cell

  • Babar ali

micheal, 07 Nov 2012it does not open, in window?s Very nice cell but some time slow

  • mavo

its just gd for dis x2 phone

  • Dory

Pls help.every time i try to download watsapp on my nokia x2 it says download fail

  • Kalai selvan.d

Hi, friends..... Nokia x2 is better... To comparing another nokia phones.. By Chellakuty..

  • yogesh pendkar

the phone is very best but not applicable for 3g.
but photo is very hd.