Nokia X3-02 Touch and Type

Nokia X3-02 Touch and Type

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  • grant
  • va6
  • 17 Jun 2022

Philip - Australia, 15 Sep 2021Bought this phone X3-02 back in December 2010 and I use it ... moreTelstra 3g will finish june 2024 sad day for the S40 Nokia users like myself,Nokia please bring back a 4g version of S40 by then!

    I bought the blue variant back in 2011, sadly it was stolen after 1 year.

      pandasmallcollection, 24 Jun 2021things i like about this 1. the touch screen. this touch s... morei want to remove this comment

        does anyone have any drawing software for this

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          • Dani
          • X$K
          • 05 Nov 2021

          Relaunch this model... My favourite one... Strong and super.... My nostalgic one... Relaunch updated version

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            • Philip - Australia
            • Hqa
            • 15 Sep 2021

            Bought this phone X3-02 back in December 2010 and I use it everyday to this day !!!! Still works perfectly and I checked the counters just now and see that I have made/received over 536 hours of phone calls.

            Its a shame that here in Australia the 3G network will be turned off in December 2022.

            I hope my little Nokia X3-02 will last me until then.

              sla, 02 Mar 2017Can this phone support whatsapp?once i saw a spanish tutorial that i can totally understand about how to install whatsapp in a nokia c3-00. what the guy did is search whatsapp on the ovi store and install the app made by whatsapp inc. i think it also works with a nokia x3-02 but if you want to do it now you cant cause the ovi store closed. (i think)

                things i like about this
                1. the touch screen. this touch screen is different to any other touch screen phones
                2. the camera. 5 MP. BETTER THAN THE SCREEN ITSELF. sadly i cant take photos i dont know why
                3. keys. if you want to type with this thing you need to use some numbers. thats ok.
                and i dont know what to put anymore

                  Kv, 19 Dec 2020This is one of my favourite mobile of all-time I wish if t... moredid you forgot that this nokia has symbian or what

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                    • Kv
                    • U{7
                    • 19 Dec 2020

                    This is one of my favourite mobile of all-time
                    I wish if this model will get launch again with some updates likr
                    1. Android
                    2. Touch Display
                    3. Front Facing Camera
                    4. Rear Facing Camera with Flash
                    5. 4G connectivity
                    6. 2 - 4 GB Ram atleast
                    7. 32 - 64 GB Storage Expandable to 128 single sim with memory card slot
                    With the same reasonable cost
                    Definately I will also be one of the customer who will purchase this product

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                      • Nokia Nostalgia
                      • 3pT
                      • 13 Nov 2020

                      Nice phone but my mom dropped it and the screen gone white and wasn't working any more, the she got a Moto G2 had it since last Christmas where she got my younger brothers older and also 1st phone, the Galaxy J5 (2017).

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                        • Abarious
                        • Nuf
                        • 09 Oct 2020

                        del, 23 Jan 2013you need calibrate your phone! Touch screen not working

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                          • PekoPekoee
                          • t7A
                          • 03 Sep 2020

                          This was my dream phone back in 2010

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                            • Jairus sangma
                            • rK9
                            • 28 May 2020

                            Love, 07 Nov 2019I want to needPerfect

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                              • Love
                              • Dkt
                              • 07 Nov 2019

                              I want to need

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                                • Noobsaibot73
                                • 0TN
                                • 03 Aug 2018

                                AnonD-571857, 13 Aug 2016Hi I have this phone and when I wanted to put a sim card in... moreIs your phone locked to a carrier and you are trying to use a SIM from other carrier? Weak signal?

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                                  • Sanjay nandal
                                  • HsL
                                  • 09 Jul 2018

                                  Good phone

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                                    • AnonD-716026
                                    • mKJ
                                    • 11 May 2018

                                    This phone has the deepest bass of any feature phone to have been released!

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                                      • asim
                                      • uZa
                                      • 30 Nov 2017

                                      AnonD-616773, 03 Dec 2016I need to purchase one.anyone haveyes i have 10/10 condition in white colour in just 4500/-pkr

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                                        • Nokia touch & ty
                                        • n$F
                                        • 08 Sep 2017

                                        This phone was capable for many things since it was an S40 device but the battery is the worst battery ever.
                                        Keypad is hard to press but design and colours are awesome.
                                        The loudspeaker wasn't so good.

                                        I liked a lot the touch & type idea and i also bought Nokia asha 303 Qwerty which was a much better device than this one.