Nokia X3-02 Touch and Type

Nokia X3-02 Touch and Type

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  • Anonymous

sadh, 31 Dec 2010alindanay : udah beli hp ini ? bagus ? menurutmu gimana ?English only PLZ !

  • sadh

alindanay : udah beli hp ini ? bagus ? menurutmu gimana ?

  • Mr M K

bazz, 30 Dec 2010Pls. help me.. Why is that I cant access my opera mini? I tha... moreMy opera mini works fine (is pre installed). You should try some things
- try the standard internet browser, if this works than your connection is ok
- try a other type of connection with your opera mini (wifi)
- if that don't work... go back to the store... normaly they can help you in a few seconds.

  • Yukie

malaysian, 31 Dec 2010how much the price in malaysia??About Rm 600 \ 640(+8GB memory card)
Rm 540~560+ (ap)

  • alindanay

i'm indonesian n i just buy this mobile phone, in my country it's about $192 U.S everything is ok. but the quality of the camera didn't like nokia in the past. no auto focus, and dotted in the indoor. the unique keytype will make u confuse in the first time, and can make your thumb hurt :( but beside all i love this phone :)

  • sadh

i will to buy this phone. i just looking for music,sms,calling,internet and easy to use. i dont care for push mail or whatever.and dont care for OS to. i think s40 is better than s60. cause it work simplely. but, im confused. x3-02 or c3-01. please ... answer my confused :(

  • Anonymous

Leo, 31 Dec 2010How much is the price in the Philippines? (of this phone- Nokia ... moreIn Cambodia it's about 170US$..

how about in your country?


  • Leo

How much is the price in the Philippines? (of this phone- Nokia X3 Touch and Type)

  • Kez

Love the size and the weight. Perfectly small. Applications are good. Touch response is good. Wifi is good. Dont like the sms tone as its too soft. Ring tones are ok, will download my own. Size for this device is the most appealing. Overall 10/10 from me.

  • malaysian

how much the price in malaysia??

  • Jay

bazz, 30 Dec 2010 Im also a Filipino.. Does anyone knows where i can buy a ... moreI think it's available in Nokia stores...Try to ask a saleslady/salesman where you bought it

  • Jay

Anonymous, 30 Dec 2010@ CDR king.. it's only 400php.. 8gig is 600php and 16 gig micro ... moreThanks for your reply (but my post has been deleted)...Wonder why or who

  • Jay

[deleted post]Her question is NOT may refer to it's meaaning too...I know that it's OS is 'S40'
I think you're the one whose 'EMPTY-MINDED'
Haven't you read these RULES before posting it here?!
*Please no foul language
*Be polite and use common sense

  • Anonymous

still too expensive

  • Yanang

Gmoney, 30 Dec 2010How do you set the phone to alert you once you receive an email.... moreMy phone now at the services centre, if i never remember wrongly is in the profile.

  • bazz

Im also a Filipino..

Does anyone knows where i can buy a ON-THE-GO USB connector for this phone?

  • bazz

Pls. help me..

Why is that I cant access my opera mini? I thaught it was already pre installed on the handset.. Why is that everytime i try to access it, the screen only gives me a blank white screen w/ an H icon on the top left portion for HSDPA..

  • CC

Maori, 30 Dec 2010Dos it support push e-mail? i need dat function badly. nooooooo - no push email on this phone.

  • Anonymous

how is x3-02

  • Anonymous

a very good mobile, easy in use and indeed not everything on it , but almost all needed is on board for a very acceptable price