Nokia X3-02 Touch and Type

Nokia X3-02 Touch and Type

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  • imho

no accelerometer = no buy

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Oct 2010Everybody was telling that this phone will cost Rs.7500 but this... moreyes that was bound to happenbecause it is yet not launched...sold in grey...without invoice.

also 7.5 price was assumed asper outside india mkt. noone was considering the subscription contract. if u search then unlocked phone is more then $200+

My expectation were it to be 9 or max 10K let the mkt settle and let the phone launch officialy

  • jay

does dis phone support 3G cox it does't have a secondary cam in it................can a video call can be done through dis phone

  • jelinee

i think this is not yet out in the philippines, i've been trying to look for it but can't find one... i wonder when it'll be available and hopefully NOKIA will release color red for this unit.

  • Mashfique

Hey, does this phone support PDF files? Has any PDF reader or something??

  • Anonymous

Everybody was telling that this phone will cost Rs.7500 but this Indian site showing that its price is 12500.­okia%20X3-02
Can anybody help me regarding this?

  • Anonymous

Jus got this phone. Its ok except i cant rearrange the songs in my playlist, cant multitask n d camera lacks flash. Also when typing, i cant highlight the words to delete them in 1 short. But, overall its good considering d price of x3

  • icebryker

saw the phone.. looks cute.. sleek and sexy for me..
i'll get one tomorrow.. plan 999 globe

  • Anonymous

madhu, 17 Oct 2010eagerly waiting for its arrival...........:-) when 'll it be ava... morei think its already available in chennai... check vasavi mobiles...

  • madhu

eagerly waiting for its arrival...........:-) when 'll it be available in Chennai?


Any1 no wot networks this nokia x3-02 touch n type fone is available on in the uk please? Im on 3 network at the mo but not even seen it available on any ova networks at all!

  • dianne

JILL, 16 Oct 2010I live in the Philippines and I have this phone. It's really han... morehey jill, where'd you buy your fone? how much is it? what do you mean by you can't receive messages immediately? text messages? thanks!

  • ak

am not sure whether the camera has flash or not...
without flash a 5mpx camera is off no use

  • King of Chennai

Does this phone a flash in it

  • jaymee

i don't think that this phone is already available in the philippines. I study near SM manila and I went to SM manila to buy N8. This is not yet available in the Philippines. By the way I want orange N8 unfortunately the orange N8 is only available for Smart subscriber.

  • Anonymous

Faisal, 14 Oct 2010Its almost one week i had been using X3-02 and frankly speaking,... moredoes nokia x3-02 have led flash

  • CC

JILL, 16 Oct 2010I live in the Philippines and I have this phone. It's really han... moreJILL - What do you mean you dont receive messages immediately. Can you please be so kind as to explain. This is important for me to know before I buy it. Do you mean SMS messages or email messages?

I look forward to your response.

  • JILL

I live in the Philippines and I have this phone. It's really handy, and it's got WiFi and Ovi works great.
It uses up the battery quickly though, and you don't recieve messages immediately. Other than that, it's great!

  • Saminathan

[deleted post]Rs.7800

  • Saminathan

[deleted post]It will available India from Mid November