Nokia X3-02 Touch and Type

Nokia X3-02 Touch and Type

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  • Dan

Nokia, why can't you make this phone with GPS, I'd buy it this second. I'm tired of bulky smartphones that don't fin in the pocket.

  • Anonymous

Dear Esteemed Reader,
Thanks for Replying to my Query. Am writing this content to all the Nokia

High end customers to avoid purchasing the symbian OS unless you are expert in handling any nuance created by a Symbian phone and at the end of the day you will seacrhing for answers in end user forum. Every Nokia phone installed with Symbian is problem to the customer, for which no good solution has been found by . On looking into the customer forum am very much upset over the compliants poured by the customers, after investing so much in nokia.

Unless they improve, they can't succeed in the intensely fought mobile handset phone market. Yesteday i have

been given an opportunity to test the creative Mobiles. Indeed they have an OS which seems to less Non Sense

then the Symbain.

Its welcome sign to see Nokia C3-01 Touch and Type and Nokia X3-02 Touch and Type in S40 Series. But both Lack GPS which is very vital for mobiles nowadays. Though the screensize is ok, there resolution is very Poor. Nokia X3-02 does not have LED Flash for taking Snaps. Though C5 comes with Quick office and PDF reader, we do not see any such things in these two phones. Why S40 is lacking so behind the scences. Why Nokia is not interested in improving its S40 which is its Bottom line and much sorted phone in every part of the world.

So our Wishlist for new S40 phone continues with Nokia. What's Next Nokia....

  • cj_samuel

Hi, Looks Preety Good Phone.... But Lacks GPS... Its very Essential thing today....

  • hi

007, 19 Sep 2010i am using this mobile for the past 2 days and it seems very sat... moreHi i want black is it english in Bahrain, work in other countries.

  • Aussie

how is battery life???

  • Aussie

How easy to sms on???? fast do you hit other keys, i have 3710 is that better to txt or this one?, screen is bigger i like. Hurry up Australia what taking u so long to come here????? ETA September.

  • Abed

I really like this phone but why the camera video is 18 fps ? and is it big difference than 30 fps ?

  • Anonymous

I am using this phone for the past 2 weeks and I am sure most of the people who are simple are going to be more than satisfied with this phone. This is really a wonderful Nokia model. I am sure this model is going to be a hit in the market. Interested people go for it and you will not be disappointed.

  • aiden

Jessie, 26 Sep 2010Hello, Im just gonna ask. Im from the Philippines and Im dreamin... moreyes, its true around 7thou to 8 thou pesos only. but his phone is really nice. i just bought two, white and blue. touch was amazing for this kind of phone.

  • Anonymous

I like the position of * 0 # xD I didn't want another classic phone and this for sure is different. Even I made negative comment here before about it looking cheap - well it IS plastic while in some french presentation video I saw a metal version, so sure I first got dissapointed it is really plastic. Enyway, I will buy this phone tomorrow :)

  • Jack B.

Why is there no information on the SAR?

  • Anonymous

this is already out in spore with different colours bt i m am waiting for the n8:)

  • Jessie

Hello, Im just gonna ask. Im from the Philippines and Im dreaming of this cellular phone just today.How much is this phone? Coz when i researched it costs 7300pesos. Is that true? When will it Released im so excited!

  • kranthi

hey guys wen x3-02 will be released in india that too in hyderabad of andhra pradesh...any one help me out dying about dis phn....

  • Abu

MOHAMMAD, 24 Sep 2010ive had this phone for a week. it has some minor glitches here a... moreI heard that the music is really loud and it has good it true? =D

  • asad lakhany

when it will be release in pakistan . and why u there is not camera flash light .


ive had this phone for a week. it has some minor glitches here and there. sometimes the touch screen doesnt respond and doesnt open the application, mainly the favorite contacts on the need to restart the pone and it works fine....nothing really major...all in all its a great phone....the design is sleek and light...and it has great build quality, i dropped it twice really hard and not a scratch......anybody looking for just a phone to make calls and text its perfect............

  • jaymee

this is not yet available in the Philippines.

  • engineer

Very attractive and slim phone. Touch screen is nice and sensitive. Available in grey for Rs.9000 in India. Comes in four attractive colours.Agood phone from Nokia after a long time.Official price will be around Rs.7000.

  • Anonymous

geotagging yes or no