Nokia X3-02 Touch and Type

Nokia X3-02 Touch and Type

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  • Hussain Mandviwala

amazing phone.... fast and touch is very nice.... but keypad is same as chinese also the software.
best is slim, design, wifi but only they miss flash bcoz it is 5 megapixel

  • Anonymous

its a great phone, ive had it for a couple of hours and its simply great!!!! touch screen very responsive, call quality, outbound and inbound are superb.....super light and slim, feels great to hold......great biuld quality, not cheap at all as some said.....this is definitley a hit for nokia!!!Elegant, Sleek and should stick with this model for a while and just make advances to it, becuase this is a winning formula for them....I give the X3-02 a two thumbs up.....anybody that is considering buying this phone, go ahead you wont regret it.....its a keeper....

  • Dr Menems

I still don't know if you can install applications like medical dictionaries and call recorder !!!

  • Dr Menems

((((E.K)))))), 17 Sep 2010I am Having problems with my new Nokia X3-02 .... while i am tex... moreIf you have added a Micro Memory Cad to it you may have to find another better one coz memory card can coz all this , and you can also open menue and search for Update software Option while using a WLAN connecion .. The problem is obviosuly software don't worry :)

  • Anonymous

jes32, 18 Sep 2010I just bought my Nokia X3-02 T&T and there's only 1 thing I'... morejes32,does the sound quality apply to all of your songs? or maybe the resolution of a particular song was the problem...? :)

  • Innocent_hunter

Anonymous, 18 Sep 2010i am using this mobile for the past 2 days and it seems very sat... morehow is the camera....??...

  • leekimtee

can anyone confirm that the phone has sip setting or voip

  • Anonymous

i am using this mobile for the past 2 days and it seems very satisfying to me. sound both from ear speaker and hands free speaker is excellent. music sounds very loud with clarity on the mobile built in speaker. i haven't tried to listen the music through the supplied head phones as i am allergic to it. i am sure it should sound very good through other makes like Sony head phones. icons and fonts are very clear to read with a very bright back light. it's even very clear to read under the direct sunlight. touch screen is very accurate. here in Bahrain only black color has been released and i would definitely buy one more in blue color when it is made available. if this model comes with dual sim facility it will more than hit in every market. (anyway very soon the world's largest copy cat chinese will flood the market with the replica X3-02 with dual sim facility. however i advice not to buy a fake one because of SAR issues. by using fake mobiles we all will end up taking extra doses of radiation beyond limits to our brains leading to brain cell damages)Cost of X3-02 is USD.170.

  • jes32

I just bought my Nokia X3-02 T&T and there's only 1 thing I'm not satistied...and it's the sound quality..though it has an equaliser, still it sounds just like ur listening from inside a can...tsk tsk tsk.

  • innocent_hunter

nokia c3 touch and type got flash and the price is 145 euros...

  • Daniel

Is this mobile touch screen?

  • memz

yes you can

  • benny2billy

Is the phone has SIP setting or Voip or internet phone

  • pinky

finally i found the phone i like...its realy sweet and girlish..specially when its a pink... i love this phone :).....

  • Sejar

Hi All,

This phone already released in Singapore.

  • Diogo

I think this phone is awesome but it could have a secondary camera and a auto focus plus flash like 5610, witch is S40 too

  • Anonymous

((((E.K)))))), 17 Sep 2010I am Having problems with my new Nokia X3-02 .... while i am tex... moretake it to the nokia service center and get the firmware re-loaded or if you have nokia pc suite you can do it yourself at home and the problem will get solved.

  • ((((E.K))))))

I am Having problems with my new Nokia X3-02 .... while i am texting or playing games....etc the mobile restarts by itself or last time i put the phone in my drawer and next day i wanted to what time it was and it was completley off it shut down by itself and i am sure that i didnt turn it offff....

  • Anonymous

Nokia Fan, 17 Sep 2010Just got it today!!. Great phonecan u install programs like themes and dictionaries and even call recording ??

  • Dr Menems

I want to buy this phone but i need to know if i can install themes and new programs like dictionaries and call recording programs because this is very essential to my daily use