Nokia X6 8GB (2010)

Nokia X6 8GB (2010)

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  • Anonymous

The mass storage of x6 8gb it have formate option or not? Plese reply yaar

  • vaikunth

Mohamad, 13 Aug 2010Which mobile phone is better ? 1)X6 2)C6 3)N97good

  • Dks

Mohamad, 13 Aug 2010Which mobile phone is better ? 1)X6 2)C6 3)N97N97 mini is good options

  • Mohamad

Which mobile phone is better ?

  • varun

Ranabir, 12 Aug 2010boss....where are u geeting it so cheap......i asked dey ar... moreThe nokia website mentions the price as 14,499/-.
Don't be in too much of a hurry. Last time, when Nokia X6 16GB was about to be launched, I went to the market to buy it. They were selling it for 17.5k if one din't bargain. After a week I saw that the price was mentioned as 16.5 on the nokia website, and the on streets (retail shops), price for the phone was 15.6k. So never buy phones until nokia explicitly mentions the price on their site. Otherwise there is a high risk of getting cheated.

  • ashmankawa

I have never owned a touch-screen phone ... but I know people often face glitches with touch-screen sensitivity. I just want to know how is the quality of the screen on this phone? ... is it sensitive enough and does it follow the guestres and movements every time? Also does it have pinch zoom etc? I want answers from users please.

  • george

how much prize in php

  • D_x6

Anonymous, 12 Aug 2010does x6 have widgets support as mentioned in the specificationsYes it has widgets support.thanks

  • D_x6

X6 8gb price in delhi lajpat nagar rs 13700(cash payment) and with emi it wil cost more) shop name range teleservices k17.i purchased x6 8gb @13750 plZ do bargaining its ur constitution rights

  • Anonymous

Hi ppl..if u want to know a new surprising phone specs then u r welcomed in Nokia N86 forum..its a king of all the phones jst cum to see guys

  • Fil

Nokia X6 8GB is available in New Delhi at mobile shops for rupees 13,900 inclusive of all taxes.
Shop name- Arora sons, Lajpat 2987200.

  • Ranabir

Anonymous, 09 Aug 2010hello deepak, i want to buy the X6 8GB, but the dealers are... moreboss....where are u geeting it so cheap......i asked dey are sayin 15500.......

  • Anonymous

does x6 have widgets support as mentioned in the specifications

  • Rahul

What is cost of this phone, and it is comes with 16 GB built in memory

  • keviv

can some one tell me the latest firmware version for nokia x 16gb ?
thanks in advance

  • D_x6

ashok, 11 Aug 2010dont buy this phone . i am facing lot of problems wiyh thisWhat problem u r facing

  • capt. shubham

D_x6, 11 Aug 2010Ya m also having dis phone purchased 2 days phone... morethanks buddy... i askd dis ques. coz in my earlier nokia 6600 & n79 it was written made by nokia or made in finland... thanx again

  • ashok

dont buy this phone . i am facing lot of problems wiyh this


does thir mobile read word,exel,ppt n pdf ?

  • D_x6

Zain, 10 Aug 2010Hi, i want to solve a serious issue! I have had serious sym... moreBro til now i hadnt face any problem wid x6 hangs n all.its a superb awesome phone.x6 having no card slot dats why x6 is faster.x6 having internal memory 300mb and mass memory 8gb.u can format ur mas memory any time like when u format ur m.c. I had used n70 sometimes it hangs then i just remove my batery then insert then my n70 works fine i never formated my phone 4 hang issu.thanks