Nokia X6 8GB (2010)

Nokia X6 8GB (2010)

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  • D_x6

A,B, 09 Aug 2010plzzzzzzzzzzzzz Choose for me Nokia c6,x6 or 5800 or other bra... moreI wil recommend u x6.Because u also knox x6 is far better than 5800 in all specification c6 is not released in india
5800 price- rs 13400(comes in old category)
X6 8gb -rs 13800(new released)
c6 -not released yet.
X6 16gb is stopped by nokia.In india now only x6 8gb is available.When i was purchasing my x6 i asked abt c6 they said next year.I think there were frustated when anyone asking abt c6.

  • D_x6

I just changed my name here from d_n70 to d_x6.After lot of research from 2 months 2morow i bought x6.Its cost is near 13900 but after paying payment as cash n some bargaining i bought it at rs 13750.Its a awesom babe.Bt battery is not so gud bt fine.No hanging problem til now.I wil recomment dis phone to all no regret.Thanks


awesome fone!!

  • A,B

plzzzzzzzzzzzzz Choose for me
Nokia c6,x6 or 5800
or other brand in this rang............

  • somesh

SHAMEER, 09 Aug 2010stupid mobile....... my network got failed within 5 days...... m... morethnks yaar for ur post i was going to buy this cell phone..

  • rule breaker

Anonymous, 09 Aug 2010I have both these phones and I would tell you this. If you want ... moreya its nice phone but cost is small high

  • Zkp

Is cdma sim wil works on x6.and how.if nt then give me the solution to make to works.

  • deepak

tabrez, 08 Aug 2010Is it good to buy Nokia X6 8GB as compare with Nokia N95 with re... more13300 in india price


stupid mobile....... my network got failed within 5 days...... my friend tells that the network problem in this mobile is hight... so guys watch out... its a crap ... dnt buy this phone ......

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]I have both these phones and I would tell you this. If you want a phone with much more sturdiness go for a 5800. Ifr you want a stylish phone go for a x6. X6 gives a better camera, but has a very plasticy and feminine feel. The touch screen of x6 is better than 5800 but is unnessasarilly too fast which is annoying at times. One problem I found with x6 is that It lacks the rim around its displayt that 5800 has and I am worried that if the handset is dropped it may damage its display. overall both phoned are good. But I just like my 5800 xm.

  • Anonymous

i boght dz phn n its a grt phn thogh 16 gb will do give sum hanging problms bt 8 gb is quit smooth n wt u hv to compromise is just a car chrgr n car holder

  • Yesha

plzzzzzzzz giv me suggestion which one will be good X6 8 GB or nokia-5800 music xpress... M really cconfuse a lot & kindly tell me current price of both mob in india...
Thank you.

  • X

Hmm.. Ok, X6 give so much touch screen xperience but how bout C6 which give additional physical keyboard but only resistive screen, since both of them almost at same range.. What would u guys prefer a lot?

  • venkatesh

i have purchased the nokia x6 8gb its a good phone with lots of features it cost me 13,900INR
Those intrested can buy it is a good phone

  • aniket

nokia x6 is a very dashing,fantastic,wonderful and a right choice mobile...

  • Rahul,Prabhat,ritesh

Wow X6 is a really new generation smartphone.i like it.

  • Walkman

[deleted post]Ha ha nice one, i want to bomb the nokia factory

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

maaz, 06 Aug 2010X6 is the best.. Go through the feature.. Sony fone is not ev... morei have heard that x6 has hanging it true..

  • Aurazone13

13k Priced in India...