Nokia X6 8GB (2010)

Nokia X6 8GB (2010)

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  • ashish

wow yaar its nice phone

  • serxhio

nokia 1100 is a better phone

  • sambhav

D_n70, 05 Aug 2010I m going to buy dis phone tomorow .what u think?I should buy or notr u mad??
go for htc wildfire instead..this phone is really wildfire is awesome..

  • D_n70

I m going to buy dis phone tomorow .what u think?I should buy or not

  • Anonymous

Sunny, 03 Aug 2010Hi! Im also in the confusion whether to x6 8gb or wildfire, plz ... morehey,, htc wildfire is way far superior dan d x6,,
in comaprison it has 3.2" TFT capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors,multitouch,, accelerometer,, does support
motion sensing,,Qualcomm MSM 7225 528 MHz processor,,
Android 2.1,,,i just love mine,,,,
sure it's worth fr d money,,,,,,
opt fr it if u want n android phone,,,,,,,,,,,

  • mir shahdad

i am very thank full to nokia because nokia is very good company.. please lounch this phone i want to bay this phone...its really nice thanks to nokia

  • Wild Cat

X-6 has most pathetic software one can ever believe. I bought it brand new, got it ready and when I tried to adjust date and time, the Touch Screen refused to accept my fingers input. I restarted it many times but failed, went to the Nokia Dealer and he replaced it with another brand new X-6.
This one was Ok for the 1st day only and it started accepting Screen Touch Input whenever it liked. I called the Nokia Dealer again and he told me to update the software which I immediately did.
After updating, it worked fine for 5 minutes only and then started doing crazy things like showing Zero battery signals whereas it was plugged in for charging, screen starting vibrating on its own, refused to open applications even my contacts, Touch Input again refused to accept the fingers input sometimes accepted and sometimes not, I restarted it for 50 times but this stupid model was like gone crazy and mad.
Eventually I returned back this model, the Nokia Dealer said that he faced many customers regarding the same problems and feels very sorry. He said first these bugs started in N78 then in E72, which Nokia never fixed. He said he is selling these models like hot cakes apart from these bugs which is causing the impression of Nokia going down.
Finally I bought Black Berry 9700 which made my life easier.

  • priyanju

x6 is great!!!!

  • Aman

Bought X6 8GB 1 week back , before using SAMSUNG... X6 is slow...complicated ...not user friendly ...better to spend some 2000 more and go with S8500 :)

  • r 3 b 3 l

Anonymous, 03 Aug 2010I have the nokia x6 and i bought it recently like around 3 weeks... moreYou need to format the phone. You must have installed something that killed the os. Its nothing serious anyway. Only you'ld loose all your data.

  • Anonymous

gawd! i was soo totally blown away by the way it lookd...i mean i sorta fell in lov wid it...i com to the review section and boom!! al drms shatterd! is it really soo bad? wich is betta c6 or x6? pls temme....

  • Anonymous

siddu, 04 Aug 2010Nokia x6 is very very's don't have de battery backup...&... moreNokia X6 is 'bade'.
Samsung Wave is bad.

  • siddu

Nokia x6 is very very's don't have de battery backup...& mp3 is nt gud ........u better 2 go 4r samsung wave s8500 it's have go talk tim up2 9hr, mp3 up2 22hrs.

  • Bruno

hey ...i had a samsung always had a prob wid it in receiving business cards also music formats were not playable on it which i used to transfer frm my nokia phone....r the new samsungs having the same prob??coz i was not sure between the samsung wave and the nokia x6...can some1 help???

  • think twice

Anonymous, 04 Aug 2010@anonymous and @think twice probably u work for samsung sale... morelol think what u can, it is simply overpriced, doesnt deserve more than 11500 by any means and the fact is we wont buy x6 8gb at 14400 it cant compete with sammy wave(two thousand more) nor htc wildwire(just a thousand more), they are much more advanced and at all if we have to buy x6, 16 gb is the choice not 8gb version.

  • dd

Sunny, 03 Aug 2010Hi! Im also in the confusion whether to x6 8gb or wildfire, plz ... morenokia x6 8gb ....containt more feature cmpr to nokia 5800 expres x6 gonna rocks...

  • Anonymous

think twice, 03 Aug 2010nokia made me buy samsung wave, initiall i ha thought of buying ... more@anonymous and @think twice

probably u work for samsung sales division ;)
anyway nice marketing

Remember for the same IP u get the same code , ie for u it is 2S@W

  • Anonymous

to anon
and one of the most resposnive screens i have used as a matter of fact,

however it does not have multi touch as far as i know

  • bliss

howz the mobile!!
is it worth buying it!??
or suggest me another mobile!!???
just help me wid suggestions!
thank you

  • RAY

hay nokia,everybody wuld get da nokia x6 if u priced it in 12,000rs in india. but if u keep da price 14,000 den everybody wuld obviously go 4 da 16gb model. i knw y u kept da price 2 14k bcuz of da 5800. i advie u ki decrease da price of da 5800 2 11k or 10k nd da 5530 2 9k. nd keep da x6 8gb price 2 12k. mayb den i wll buy it 2!!!!!!!!!!!1