Nokia X6 8GB (2010)

Nokia X6 8GB (2010)

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  • D_x6

vikki, 26 Oct 2010is this phone charged when i connect to pc?No

  • vikki

is this phone charged when i connect to pc?

  • Anonymous

hey i heard that some disturbances appear in the sound when the volume is tuned to maximum while playing the song on the speaker... is this true ???

  • Xenon

X6 is Xcrap Music phone. 5530 is the real XpressMusic phone. It is not bulky as the X6. The X6 is bigger than a boat in the Indian Ocean hahaha.

  • Anonymous

wana buy x6.....but seems like its a delicate 1....n i cant handle delicate stuff...shall i go 4 it...or ny betta option??

  • sachin

[deleted post]i hv been usin dis fon fr lst 2 mnths and it is an awesome fon. no problem.go for x6 8gb over oer fones. I HD BGHT IT FOR 14350

  • rohan

[deleted post]x6 8gb is a really a gud sell...i would surely prefer x6 if i hv 2 choose one amongst music phones

  • Buddhasen Patel

Anonymous, 24 Oct 2010ya i like ur ass do 1 thing turn ur penis and feed it in ur ass ... morefrom Buddhasen Patel
to "care, Lever" ,,,
date Sat, Oct 23, 2010 at 7:20 AM
subject Bad quality in vim dish bar
hide details Oct 23 (1 day ago)
Quality control manager 23/10/2010
Hindustan Unilever
PO BOX No. 14760,Mumbai 400099
Date: 03/10/2010

Sub: Bad quality in vim dish bar
Respected Sir,

We have complained you for the bad quality of your
Product VIM Dish bar MFG date 6/2010. cost of RS 05 to Hindustan
UniLever. They took visit to check and collect the sample from us on
18/10/2010. We have also told to Quality Manager J.P. Bhatt and
Production Manager D. balamurugan to give us the complete quality
report of this product. So Please give attention here.
Because we people are purchasing your product by looking at your
company trade mark. And if you will do all this than how can we trust
Because after washing utensils from your dish bar person is taking
food in it. So it is defected than he can die also.
Your product are taken by common people .We are giving MRP+Sell TAX
for it . So it should not have sand at least. Because sand is
available to us and we will mix if it is needed from your side it
should we pure product. So please keep in mind that your product
should not harm our hand. And you should promise from your side not to
sell this type of product in future.
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  • tus

which sound system is better ? X6 or nokia 5800

  • sonu

D_x6, 23 Oct 2010Sorry for late reply Yes we can use web tv or mobile tv there a... morethanks man for ur kind information. thanks alot.
i'll buy it tomorrow, it's a very awesome phone.

  • buyer

cool phone....

  • Anonymous

nokia could have installed a 600 mhz processor, twice the amount of ram and symbian ^3 os then call it x6-01. x6 has better video (vga @ 30 fps) than other newer nokias like c5-03 (vga @ 15 fps) or the c6-01

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]ya i like ur ass do 1 thing turn ur penis and feed it in ur ass if u can do this then 5530 will b good compare to x6.

  • Rajesh Kolli

This Phone is good in all functions, but if unfortunately got problem after repair screen sides(outer case open very broadly) get very wide space and look very ugly even repair in Nokia care centres. I got this problem personally with in a week after purchase.

  • angelixz

dOes this ph0ne will lag? Reply a.s.a.p...

  • fahad

i don't like of nokia x16gb

  • D_x6

Anurag, 23 Oct 2010Going to buy x6 today so please reply which colour should i buy ... moreI think u should buy black with silver coating from corner.its a nonforgetable experience whenever we are going to buy a high range choose wisely and test ur phone fully there at store before buying about phone touch,earphones,loudspeaker,call sound,camera,memory etc.and if u found any minor or major problem replace within 48 hours of buying.thanks

  • D_x6

sonu, 21 Oct 2010hey man can we use web TV(or mobile TV) in x6 8gb. plz reply so... moreSorry for late reply Yes we can use web tv or mobile tv there are several free tv apps try google search for tv plus,mobitv,spbtv,watch free tv and many more thanks.

  • sena

how can i download ruusian languge for my phone

  • Anurag

Going to buy x6 today so please reply which colour should i buy blue or black i m bit confused in colour so please suggest me thanks in advance