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  • darshu3

very nice phone

  • gandhi

gaida, 15 Jul 2014to open whats app, let sumone send u msg and open whats app from... moreAlso can be open from whatsapp widget..

  • vaishali

its a z category cell phone, as par of android feature is concerned one of the major feature of android, application whatsapp is not running on it, internet speed is so low whatsever its ram is? so again its ram is in question, many feature are absent in, no help from main nokia centre to sort out these problem, they said every one it will be sorted out in some day, but no action is been taken by the company, only thing to save the company goodwill to call of all the nokia xl phone from the market,otherwise company have to pay for it

  • Anonymous

santhu, 20 Jul 2014hy guys im planning to buy nokia xl ...but rumour says dat xl is... moreNoooooo.........

  • AnonD-100814

guys microsoft now halt /killed nokia android x os (x n xl), s40(asha linup), feature phones n nokia mixradio(nokia music)..
so my suggestion is dont buy nokia x n xl phones now..
ther is no support for x nokia android devices..
now microsoft only concentrating on windows phone development..

  • santhu

hy guys im planning to buy nokia xl ...but rumour says dat xl is gng to b vanished along wd x series f nokia//..and also heard dat whatsapp s nt supported in it??? shud i really go fr this phone???pls reply its urgent..........


Asif, 18 Jul 2014Dear Users of Nokia XL. why you are so confused with this smart... moreare u sure with all what u said about nokia xl dat is ok

  • Anonymous

maano, 19 Jul 2014I want to purchase nokia xl...plz tel me,,,,its a good or not??nokia xl is a very gud cellphone having very gud camera and sound and wifi range and bettery alsooo.
i have this phone

  • shrawan

maano, 19 Jul 2014I want to purchase nokia xl...plz tel me,,,,its a good or not??Don't ever buy this phone. It doesn't support what's aap and what's aap plus. It's battery backup is also poor

  • Anonymous


  • Chamodh

Battery life is average

  • Ritu

when i purchase this set , i think that it will satisfy my desire but it fails due to the net is not working on this set properly

  • maano

I want to purchase nokia xl...plz tel me,,,,its a good or not??

  • pankaj

AnonD-284774, 18 Jul 2014plz anybody help me .my device also nt supported whatsapp.. i am... moreSteps to install Whats App Plus on Nokia X and Nokia XL

Remove any previous version of Whatsapp(if installed)
Download Whatsapp plus from here, if you are facing verification issue then download version 5.77 from here.
If you have not allowed installation from other sources then enable it.
Install Whatsapp Plus.
After installing it, complete the procedure on WhatsApp Plus.
Now you have Whatspp in you Nokia X.
In this way you can install whatsapp on Nokia X and Nokia XL. You have to open Whatsapp Plus to access whatsapp chats and contacts.

  • Kartheeka

xl not at all bad,
but battery backup is average. Except battery life, it is tremondous piece, if u consider to be games and net browsing freek then dont go for xl, its screen size 5inches so it consumption of battery is so fast. Better to go core r xperia mdual

  • Anonymous

am about to get a phone which is either Samsung s duos,Nokia XL or lumia 630,am a gaming and movies watching type,pls which one would it be advisable for me to go for?

  • robb

can i buy this phone?

  • AnonD-284992

I was looking for a Nokia with Android features instead of buying Samsung or buying a Nokia with Windows 8.1; texting is great, the address book is not editable if wanting to use the sim card instead of the address book on the phone (which you can set ring tones to); no address book for email; touch screen is extremely responsive, problem with drop calls, talk 2 min, drop call, talk 2 min, drop call, repeat, extremely frustrating; found this is a problem with Nokia's-GREAT! Just bought phone and upgraded from a Nokia flip with zero drop calls. Now I'm stuck. Pictures are crisp and clear. Can only use MP3 ring tones, which sucks because I uploaded my micro-sd card with lots of songs, and can't use them as ring tones. I miss the profile feature my flip had that smartphones don't have.

  • AnonD-65243

AnonD-284893, 18 Jul 2014guys its a pretty good phone but the biggest issue that i have f... more Take the back up.. Delete your WhatsApp, install WhatsApp+ it will come