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  • Ashish

Nomi, 06 May 2014I am soooooooo exited that Nokia xl so cool mobile I am going to... morewhere from

  • Eranga535

i going to buy this phone or lumia 525 what is the best???

  • Tara Prasad

Can someone is confirm when it will available in market i am waiting for it since last two months

  • Trojan

stone, 06 May 2014While I appreciate what you have to say, I automatically discard... moreKindly buy a Book with Basic Knowledge of Computer Hardware :)

  • Rakesh

Nokia Please launch Nokia XL with Red color like X I want to buy Red Nokia XL Pls. PLS. do it fast

  • Kenneth

I was so stoked when I heard that nokia were to make an android phone, since I really loved using nokia phones like 10 years ago. But I think this phone is really not worth it, its ridiculous! seriously? nokia 4.1 jellybean? 786 RAM? only fools would buy this phone. I dont mind paying more just as long as the specs were a little higher than this and I know that nokia could do better than this one! why did they even release it!? I dont understand.. you guys, dont buy this phone.. really, you will only waste your money.

  • Nomi

Maahi, 06 May 2014its Nice Smartphone and its Price is 9500 rs bt i have no idea ... moreI am soooooooo exited that Nokia xl so cool mobile I am going to buy it by by

  • stone

AnonD-256421, 29 Apr 2014Many specifications are same in grand dous and nokia xl but acco... moreWhile I appreciate what you have to say, I automatically discard your review because of blatant mistakes in it. First thing, it's not ROM internal memory. ROM is read only memory and has no relation to internal memory. Internal memory is a hard drive.

ROMs will never EVER be 4GB. ROMs do not store user data. They are solely used by the OS and the phone.

So when you confuse this very basic computer concept, the rest of your review automatically becomes baseless.

Also the Grand - for all the RAM and processor it has - hangs a lot even without installing additional apps. It hangs the moment you sync photos and music. I am yet to come across a Nokia phone that hangs for photos and music only.

You cannot compare Android and the Nokia OS. They are two different operating systems meant for two different sets of people. If you want simplicity and accessibility, use XL. If you want more control and access to more technical customizations, use Android.

Nokia has never claimed XL to be running on Android OS. They have always only said it can RUN Android apps. It is not the same thing.

  • 3shu

waiting... waiting... waiting.... waiting......... still waiting.. :P

  • sajib

expected date release of nokia xl in Bangladesh..plzzzz tellll

  • ZEE

bro's just hold on your breathes. the nokia xl price will be above than nokia x price is 13000. the nokia xl price is 17000

  • Anonymous

Is this support smart dailing

  • AnonD-123403

when its going to be officially released world wide ??????????

  • Ki

To those who don't know

Nokia XL and X+ both have 4GB MicroSD cards pre-installed

  • Ki

Now available

Nokia X+, Nokia XL, available for pre-order in Spain @ 119 and 129

  • Ki

Nokia xl has been approve in China and it's to be launch soon


same like x without id u can download apps,1st download 1mobile market from store after that download go launcher from 1mobile market when u click go launher ur mobile convert to android platform.use x its more better than samsung pro,i like it alot,1 mobile market give 6lakh applications free


in pakistan x on top poistion after xl nokia share going high more

  • venki

If u speak about ram, nokia lumia 520 is 512 ram, and its work awesome, ram is for the mobiles which cannot perform good, but nokia always top on lumia series with 512 ram itself

  • jiten

If nokia xl will b below 10,000 thn i will definitely buy it..waiting...