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  • Anonymous

Who the hell grades these phones? 8.0 Design? 7.8 Features??? WTF?! I'm disappointed in S5 too, but it's got way better features... This is bullsh*

  • Anonymous

Anyone plz tell me does support in Nokia XL 720p hd videos....??? Plz tell me friends.... Can play 720p hd videos...???

  • JD

In think these are the Testing Phones in market bcoz...
Just imagine in all competators .... Nokia is going with..
1) 768 MB ram for Android.
2) 480p@30fps Video.
3) Dual-core 1 GHz Cortex-A5 for Android.
4) GPU Adreno 203
5) 2000 mAh battery is less for Android.

Nokia is trying out thr Phones on Android before they launch flagship phone in this Category.

  • jayesh

Great work Nokia

  • hazem mohamed

Nokia XFamily dosen't Work with android

  • Abhi

Don't follow Android shit. Just make Windows8 open source. You guys got the technology, superb hardware. Android shit is only for Samsung. Windows8 open source is all that needs. Who wants to buy Samsung and Android then.

  • val

i gt the answer. sorry for the trouble.

  • val

we can put wallpaper for this device or just the way its showen in the images? cz m in office and i cant access youtube. so please help

  • val

Cancat, 26 Feb 2014Please tell me that it is support stand by dual sim or notthank u for the revert.

  • val

[deleted post]thank u neetesh for the revert i hope its gonna interesting

  • Lohith

1) Does not have better screen resolution. Poor ppi
2) Old processor
3) No HD Video recording
4) No gorilla glass
Nokia should improve these or else this phone will be flop again. Those who are unaware of technical specifications only going buy this.

  • k

wat does 2nd quarter mean wen is it releasing ?

  • AnonD-226291

AnonD-226574, 26 Feb 2014can we play hd videos in it....meas hd songs and hd movies plsss... moreTheir are no reviews of this phone available..only hands on previews are available.
So you gotta wait.
1080p videos- only 5% chance that they would work

  • AnonD-226574

can we play hd videos in it....meas hd songs and hd movies plssss replyyy anyone who know

  • AnonD-103438

AnonD-238013, 26 Feb 2014Can I change the Nokia UI to complete android.? we can intall nova launcher check this link

  • steve jobs

Nokia looks better with windows not with android,,,please dont make android phones,,i like nokia windows phones

  • AnonD-237383

yes but support all apk files.... also have build in Store .....

  • Nandan roy

Best smartfone in10000 rupees you can enough window interface& you can no like window so nova launcher ready to android interface.

  • AnonD-238013

Can I change the Nokia UI to complete android.?

  • Cancat

Please tell me that it is support stand by dual sim or not