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Nothing Phone (1)

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  • qxm
  • 02 Jul 2022

Anonymous, 01 Jul 2022Shouldn't the first model have been (0)? Would've... morebro said "apropros"

    Should have ois, 3.5 mm jack and lower price.

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      • Sophie
      • Dk5
      • 02 Jul 2022

      Lmao this really looks like they tried copying Apple to be “unique” and “out of the box” but failed terribly

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        • Anonymous
        • Dk5
        • 02 Jul 2022

        Anonymous, 01 Jul 2022Considering the gimmicks with vibrations and LEDS, do you t... moreNot at all lol

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          • mE0
          • 01 Jul 2022

          Shouldn't the first model have been (0)? Would've been more apropos.

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            • Anonymous
            • StU
            • 01 Jul 2022

            Considering the gimmicks with vibrations and LEDS, do you think it will have decent haptics?

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              • Bedo
              • J28
              • 01 Jul 2022

              No ois????

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                • Mohak
                • 7kk
                • 01 Jul 2022

                The phone looks very aesthetically pleasing...

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                  • VillageIdiot
                  • xgi
                  • 01 Jul 2022

                  nanagdad, 22 Jun 2022Side mounted fingerprint scanner! Major deal breaker...Fingerprint scanner... deal breaker

                    NeonHD, 30 Jun 2022How about we skip the overused "audio jack/SD card is ... moreTo me, the predictability is what makes the market "sleepy" and so I thought Carl was going to "wake up" the market by surprising us with a higher-end device that still kept the jack and SD card slot. It might sound silly, but that's what my logic was.

                    Man as long as Sony is making those only flagships with latest CPU and GPU, jack and SD slot but for 1500 eur.
                    Sony midranger is a joke. Paying 600 for SD690 is ridiculous.
                    No other flagship gives SD slot and jack.

                    I am nt here to defend Carl Pei and his hardwork all i really wanted to say is:
                    It have something new. Those notification backlights.
                    Jack and SD slot is dead in flagships like not-sealed batteries and many else.

                    To be honest its difficult to come with something tottaly new.
                    Like when Sony invented a phone with a build in videoprojector.
                    Or when a first camera came to a cell phone etc.
                    Nowdays phones have litterary everything and making something tottaly new is difficult.
                    Even i would love to have a James Webber or at least Hubble telescope capabilities camera on my phone but no chance.
                    Inventing something tottaly new which no phione ever had since 1972 is really difficult.
                    I really hope you understand that.
                    50 years ago phones were good only for dialing nothing else since 1992 anyone is able to send text messages, since 2001 capturing photos and since 1996n or so internet came to cell phones. But making something absolutely new which no competition and competitor have is not that easy.
                    Satisfying audience is not that easy.
                    Its liek with Talent shows. People usualy copy others trying to be better or at least equal to original singers, dancers etc.

                    Making for example inbuild printer to the phone will not satisfy many and we had a phone with a printer which could imediately print camtured pictures.
                    Etc. Sorry for my complicating expressions and explantations but english language is not my main language but i tried my best.

                      NeonHD, 30 Jun 2022On second thought I will admit it's a decent price act... moreWell yes maybe Redmi K40 gaming and several other phones such as Nubia redmagic are maybe bit better. But there wont be much phones.
                      At least not 2022 phones with latest android.

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                        • Osiris
                        • JhV
                        • 01 Jul 2022

                        Very nice phone, love it

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                          • Swaraj
                          • DkB
                          • 01 Jul 2022

                          It's harsh that all those cool features goes to one side of the phone on which majority of people put a case or they just keep the phone on a table with that side facing the table . Either way it blocks everything and all the cool feature you paid for goes down the drain

                            Specifications are not bad nothing1 phone

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                              • prashanth
                              • PVd
                              • 01 Jul 2022

                              thePulsar16, 30 Jun 2022I was expecting something more amm, I think "powerful&... moreoneplus is dead the moment they chose ColorOS !! they just ruined their own brand actually ! its time to say goodbye to oneplus !

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                                • justin jkson
                                • 9ad
                                • 01 Jul 2022

                                tbh.....they shd hv given atleast 7 gen one.....or 870 could hv been a good decision but 778+ is also fine hardware is good......lets hope it delivers a fluid software experience.......this phn can be a hit

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                                  • Tarzan
                                  • KS7
                                  • 01 Jul 2022

                                  ufs 3.1 is sweet

                                    davinsky, 30 Jun 2022You talk performance in outdated flagships with no support?... moreNothing isn't a flagship, it's a midranger. But yes, it is outdated.

                                      [deleted post]Good for you then. Keep living by a fairy tale instead of reality. Those uploaders are only allowed to tell what they are told to. Not the truth, or negative.

                                        Stu, 01 Jul 2022No you can't get a second hand flagship with warranty ... moreOh, you live in America. Well, in Europe you can. Maybe you should move to a better country.