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  • 29 Jun 2022

Chipset is average and I feel pretty lame about flagship killer videos.

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    • 29 Jun 2022

    CptPower, 29 Jun 2022Man please educate us which phone have flagship grade specs... moreDoesn't Xiaomi throw 10 bit dolby vision screened phones at us with 60w or faster charging, top end SoC and generally picture leading cameras in for around that price? That or Sony now have phones that have again, better screen, cameras and generally way better battery too for similar pricing (400-500). Go for a year or 2 old flagship like the mi 11 or S20 series from Samsung and that'll get you QHD, dolby vision (on the mi) screen with class leading cameras and charging (mi again) with more features and a better SoC. Oneplus 8 pro/Oppo Find x2 Pro can be had for around that price too and far far better phones. Xiaomi Poco line also beat this phone for specs and price, the new f4 gt has gen8 SoC, cooler niche features like air triggers, better screen, battery, charging for the same price.

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      • 29 Jun 2022

      Not a Nothing hater, 29 Jun 2022People really out here spouting hate on a phone that hasn&#... morePeople have literally had hands on experience with it, tech Youtubers have played around, used the phone, shown off the pointless LED light show when getting a text and charging the phone, that's not an author's imagination it's literally how it looks on video, in hand (videos of how the LEDs work with custom notification sounds and lighting patterns). If leaks have happened they'll be from employers/employee directly, there's a reason "info leaks" happen, not by random chance. If every news outlet is giving the exact same specs too its not generally speculation, they'll have pre press release info on these devices to garner hype.

      I mean with software now youve got so many choice of different UI choices and ways to make your phone behave I don't get why it matters about their own stockOS and interface, I doubt its going to be as smooth and optimised as other companies with millions to spend on that 1 department but could be like original Oneplus and just be a very fluid device.

        Anonymous, 29 Jun 2022Just take a look at the Samsung a52s. Almost the same phone... moreMan A52s is year old phone and when it got released it costed almost 500. After a year this phone will cost maybe 350 same lke Samsung A52s.
        You comparing apples and pears in this case pearns or Nothing phone is a win win.

          BossOfThisGym, 28 Jun 2022Who's this product aimed at? A 778G for 400$, no headp... moreWho's this product aimed at? A 778G for 400$, no headphone jack, no card slot, probably ancient USB 2.0, questionable camera quality (cause of not a flagship soc). Only the design is good, but people who are worried about design will buy iPhones anyway

          LOL man jokes of a day.
          778G is fine SD 8+ gen 1 is a lot faster on the paper but i real life experience even games like fortnite or diablo or forza motosport will run maybe 0,2-0,5 seconds slower on a first run then with 8 or 12GB of ram phone will be as fast as any other phone with SD 8+ gen 1.
          So bragging for 100 eur more expensive CPU which only at paper will be better is pointless i have to say.
          For jack is an ancient garbage technology developed more 150 years ago since then it evolved many times and got better and better but it came to the point where it cant improve any further compared to wireless technology, Its like when Vynyl plates were replaced by cassetess then, video cassetess, CD, DVD, Blueray and now we have external storages and cloud store.
          Jack is gone please step fom the dark age to future known as wireless technology.
          Same goes for SD cards.
          Since last poll from Sunday most users will find 64 or 128GB good enough and SD card is not that mandatory becasue most apps and photos will take usualy up to 32GB disk space so users will still have plenty left.
          USB 2.0 is also good enough. For transfering photos ove cable to me is pointless whether i have to wait lets say 60 or 70 seconds difference is really small.
          Camera will be awesome just like fresh new Nothing OS.,
          And the SOC??? SD778 or SD7+ gen 1 compared to latest SD8+ gen 1 on paper difference is huge, but in real life usage waiting half second longer for running something like Fortnite, Diablo, or Forza Motosport and then the game will runs equally smooth on both phones Nothing phone and S22 ultra or apple 13 pro max for example makes no difference for me.
          Still dont know why people bragging for much faster CPU on paper when in real life usage it will make zero difference. Apps such as Facebook ,Tik-Tok instagram, Viber, Twitter and many else will make no difference. Paying 100 more for example for having SD8+ gen 1 in this phone compared to SD 7+ gen 1 CPU is really waste of money. 12GB ram or even 8GB RAM is great enough.

          I am not here to defend Carl Pei and Nothing brand i am here just to prove many people here are tottaly WRONG asking for something which aint mandatory, aint that much important. Many else things will be solved via updates.
          Besides most people will swap their phones in 2-3 years.

          End of my story.

            goldrnr, 28 Jun 2022and again no 3,5 mm jack... that's a solid no for me then. Man jack is ancient garbage technology first come to the light of the world back in 1867 if i am correct.
            Please step from the ancient dark age and step to the future of wireless technology because breaking cables and hole good for gathering dust and moisture arent impressive.

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              • 29 Jun 2022

              This device is only for buying youtube Bloggers!

                oslikoff, 28 Jun 2022Overpriced nothing with LED-lamps.Like you can buy a lot better phone for 400 bucks.
                Man you funny.
                Maybe you can make your own phone from scratch and show it to us so we can make fun of you.

                  sukh9494, 28 Jun 2022i thought its flagship. but its midrange phone low specs Man please educate us which phone have flagship grade specs for 400???
                  And please educate us what you call low specs???
                  Most phones for less or even more price dont have half as much as this phone.

                    XRT10, 28 Jun 2022The only unique thing is the LED, €500 just for that. Ever... moreIt more than LEDs???
                    Its design is unique, Nothing OS too and as i know Carl Pei phone will be beast with many care for every single device released.

                      NeonHD, 27 Jun 2022Not gonna lie, after having watched Marques video on it, I ... moreMan for 400 bucks it have more specs than most other competitors.
                      But i am not here to argue with you i am bored of that.
                      And honestly as i know Carl Pei phone will sell rocketly fast.

                        NeonHD, 22 Jun 2022Weird, I remember the press conference showed the Nothing P... moreMan jack is nothing but old ancient technology worth retirement since 1867 when it was made. Wireless audio is future and it always will be breaking cables are so odd and creepy.
                        Same goes for SD card.
                        Anyone can use cloud storage and 64 or 128GB is good for most users as last poll on sunday revealed.
                        There is absolutely no need for having SD slot if most apps and some photos take maybe 32GB of your diskspace.
                        1220HZ screen is great enough the camera too and the CPU as well.
                        Running same app for example that new Diablo game or Fortnite or Forza motosport by 0,2 or 0,5 seconds slower compared to Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 makes no sense when game will go as smooth as it shoudl go. So in this case paying 100 more bucks for better CPU but having dfifferences only on paper is meaningless.
                        For its price of 400 is definitely one of the best phones on the market and only fools and blind people dont see that.
                        Also it comes with 120Hz screen not 90.

                          TheWildShadow55, 22 Jun 2022Doubt it. I used to have hope for this phone but as soon as... moreMan would like to see your phone made by your self.

                            Anonymous, 22 Jun 2022It's probably just them in disguise buying their own p... moreJoke of a day but i like your style.

                              oslikoff, 22 Jun 2022SD-7 for about $ 450 - 500?!!!!!..... No comment!!!!!!!!!!!... moreSnapdragon 8+ Gen 1 will run any game or app maybe 0,2 seconds faster then the game or app will run smoothly as expected from a phone with 8GB of ram.
                              Please educate us why to pay 100 or 200 more for latest CPU which apart generating more heat doesnt makes any major diifference???

                                AnonD-1033007, 22 Jun 2022Side-mounted fingerprint sensor? Totally deal breaker, over... moreMan most phnes have side mounted fingerprint scanner no problem with that.
                                Indisplay scanner is really bad solution becuase it doesnt works with most screen protectors and its not that important.
                                By the way most people still use password or PIN or pattern lock.

                                  benben, 22 Jun 2022you've gotta be kidding right? 90hz screen and no ois... moreMan is 120 HZ screen and OIS is not that important.
                                  Many even more expensive phones dont have it and noone cares.

                                    Anonymous, 22 Jun 2022Wish it came with a faster chipset!Man on a benchmark this is a nascar car chipset.
                                    By the way for what reason???
                                    Just for the example newly released Diablo game for cell phones this runs maybe 0,2 seconds slower than Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1.
                                    Dont know like you but 0,2 or even 0,5 seconds slower and then run game smoothly as any otheer SD8XX CPU is meaningless.
                                    Why do you braggin for more expensive CPU if the real life difference will be bare minimum to zero compared to SD8XX line.

                                      Olympus Oms, 22 Jun 2022No weather sealing. Only 128gb storage. Power consuming use... moreMan you funny which phone have better specs at you said 250 eur price level.

                                        Zaid, 22 Jun 2022No 4k 60pfs, no 120hz, no card slot. Not worth the hype if ... moreMan did you rerad the specs???
                                        Probbaly not.