Nothing Phone (2)

Nothing Phone (2)

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uzair, 11 Jul 2023There are many phones same price tag with better specifics And with worse software.

    noTe, 11 Jul 2023Overprized Wow, I can't believe you find this that important!

    (prized means important)

      Apple Rules , 11 Jul 20234k and full HD only 60fps?? No thanks Meanwhile you support Apple which also records at 4k 60fps only.
      Lol apple fanboy

        Kapil, 11 Jul 2023Price is so high It's as high as what you are right now.

        If you're saying 600 USD is too much, I think you're out of your mind.

          Moki, 11 Jul 2023OnePlus 10T is a far better deal honestly. It's 500$ i... moreAnd the phone 2 has 1 more year of support with better cameras.

            Ticherhaz, 12 Jul 2023They should use Snapdragon 2. 4 gen 2? No, no, that's a downgrade from 8+ gen 1.

              Techluvr, 12 Jul 2023relax guys. nothing to be impressed about nothing 2.Ok.
              But theres a lot of things we have to be VERY IMPRESSED about.

                lol, 12 Jul just a excuse nowadays fast charging technology a... moreThen why Samsung is stuck at 25W?
                You basically come to this conclusion just because it doesn't spoil in a year.

                  Sid5559, 12 Jul 2023It's overpriced phone 2 for this price. $599 USD is overpriced? That's not the most overpriced yet. Check the Reno series.

                    Grape , 12 Jul 2023They should add at least 50mp periscope 100x zomm camera Sarcasm at its finest 💀

                      Onsen, 12 Jul 2023Overprice lol, I'd get other Chinese flagship phone wi... moreSure then, get those Chinese flagships with crappy software. You'll regret it once you get it

                        AlienKiss , 12 Jul 2023Nothing interesting ... NE❌T!Did you mean:

                        'Nothing' is interesting

                        By (not the real) Google search

                          Dude, 12 Jul 2023Just buy OnePlus 11 with a same price 😂👎🏻Are you blind? Because their price difference is barely even close. Check the price difference before talking BS.

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                            • Anonymous
                            • mv8
                            • 12 Jul 2023

                            IP54 only lol.. pixel phones have standard IP67 oh yeah

                              Sid5559, 12 Jul 2023Yes we can choose but willing to pay for something new not ... morePlease tell me a NEW phone that has a QHD+ display at this price.

                                DarlingYext, 12 Jul 2023You can choose to NOT USE their black and white os when boo... moreYes we can choose but willing to pay for something new not for black and white old style ui icon and saying better new os . No dual app no desk No proper only 1080p display with high price. And adoptive refresh rate No use hardly 5% or less than that battery we can save using it. Actually go and see live phone display you will feel little dull. Youtubers are promoting nothing phone coz they are paid

                                  Anonymous, 12 Jul 2023Can you give some example?Legends know when to buy big billon sale . Currently oneplus 11r iqoo neo 7 pro oneplus nord 3, moto edge 30 ultra

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • mNw
                                    • 12 Jul 2023

                                    Nothing Phone (1) with Beta nembership for 299$, that was something.

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                                      • Lee
                                      • uuy
                                      • 12 Jul 2023

                                      JUB, 12 Jul 2023Indeed, why pay so much just for a flashing back?? For so m... moreYou can but software is too good in Nothing Phone 2

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                                        • ANJAN
                                        • Px5
                                        • 12 Jul 2023

                                        Dude, 12 Jul 2023Just buy OnePlus 11 with a same price 😂👎🏻i am using nothing phone 1 for the last 6 is a very good phone with nithing negetive points.