Nothing Phone (2a) sales reach 60k in 60 minutes, update brings discreet call recording

Vlad, 12 March 2024

Nothing announced the Phone (2a) mid-ranger at the beginning of this month, and today it's finally gone on sale. It's been pretty successful too, with the company reporting that over 60,000 units were ordered in the first hour of availability.

Nothing is also pushing out Nothing OS 2.5.3 to the Phone (2a) as a day-one, out-of-the-box update. It comes with support for Ultra XDR in the camera, enhances the camera app's performance overall, and brings "multiple improvements across HDR, color saturation and front camera clarity" too.

Background app performance is better, as is the touchscreen experience, and you can also expect "overall refinements to user interface and animations", along with a haptic level setting. There are three new widgets too - Camera, Battery, and Recorder.

That last one - Recorder - actually allows you to record phone calls without the other party knowing what you're doing, and this could prove controversial since it's a function that might actually be illegal in some places. So if you want to use it, proceed with caution - perhaps check if you are legally allowed to do so where you live.

Nothing Phone (2a)

For example, in the US, 11 states require two-party consent for recording phone calls - which means you need to notify the other party that your are recording, and not do it if they don't agree. In Europe, France, Germany, and Spain also have a two-party consent rule.



Reader comments

refinements and improvements.. yeah that's generally what updates do

  • Anonymous
  • 14 Mar 2024
  • 4BT

MediaTek Dimensity 7200 do support UFS 3.1 but it’s company choice but mobile storage they used

  • Blackbeast
  • 13 Mar 2024
  • XR6

I can understand that @justasmile and you're bummed by the confusion created by Mediatek's official spec sheet and what various news agencies are stating. You don't have to take any reviewer's word for it, the storage speed test w...

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