O2 UK switches on 5G in six cities in October

Vlad, 25 July 2019

In the UK, Vodafone and EE have already launched limited 5G service in a few cities, and Three is going to join in the fun next month. Up until now O2 was the only operator that stayed mum on its 5G rollout plans, but not anymore.

O2's initial 5G deployment will reach six UK cities starting in October. That timeline may be a disappointment to its customers, given how much time its competitors would by then have had to market 5G left and right.

O2 UK switches on 5G in six cities in October

The cities in the first wave are going to be Belfast, Cardiff, Edinburgh, London, Slough, and Leeds, and this selection shall apparently ensure that "5G is available where customers need it most". According to the company, "the next-generation network will radically improve capacity and reliability in key locations, allowing customers to access super-fast speeds even during peak periods. Key locations include train stations, important business areas and entertainment and sports venues including The O2 and Twickenham Stadium".

By the end of the year, O2's 5G will have reached 20 towns and cities, and 50 by summer 2020. In case you want to be fully prepared for when the 5G network is turned on, O2 will be selling the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G and the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G starting next month.



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  • Anonymous

Yes, contrary to the above Huawei 20 X story

  • Lucas DeMuerte

Rumor has it, they are the only network in the UK to be implementing 5G *without* using equipment provided by Huawei.

  • Anonymous

Most of your friends obviously have more money than brains they do not need 5g