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  • someone

does anyone no where to get 3d games for this phone like the ones released with the BenQ S700

  • amy

i got a o2 x3 for my christmas but i dnt know where to uy the adaptor thing for the mp3 player.I tried my local phone shop and the o2 site but it isn't on it what do i do.

  • nick

Kane, where did you hear that?

"this phone is awful! i want my nokia back :'( "

You had a nokia and think that this is awful?? HA HA HA HA HA

The riffmaster, well worth the money. Camera is not that bad!!

Claire, look at page 141/142 in the manual, its all there!

  • kane


150 is alot to spend on this phone, i would get some other phone tbh,
if you are buying for the camera then DO NOT GET IT.
anyway o2x3 will sell for 100 very soon i here

  • Anonymous

this phone is awful! i want my nokia back :'(

  • dave

Claire u make a good point! if any1 knows how to change the message tone PLEASE let us know, its doing my head in, it sounds just like my door bell! thanx

  • Dave

Cheers nick, ive sent u an e-mail mate! wasnt quite sure if u meant u were gonna post a copy or dend via e-mail tho, if your gonna email it i mite have to send u another address, as im not sure how large emails can be on hotmail. anyway, let me know ! cheers.

  • claire

does anyone know any sites where you can download ringtones and games for free?!

  • claire

Hey does anyone know how to put mp3s on it? The phone is good but does anyone know if you can change the message tone?

  • Anonymous

does anybody know which phone is selling in hk? the X3 or benq S700? thanks

  • the-riffmaster

I've found the X3 for 149.99. Should I get it or is it really as unreliable as some people are saying it is. My other option is a Sharp GX20 (also 149.99). Any help? Thanx folks.

  • nick

No problem Oldham... :)

  • nick

James, you can't send by infrared.. It is mentioned by me about 3 pages back!

  • james

hi, does anyone know how to send stuff from the o2 x3 through infrared/irda as i can only recieve stuff and when connecting my phone to sony ericssons it justd turns off. Thanx

  • nick

thankyou, ste :)

  • ste

yes you are right, but go away to the sharp forum, and play with them, and tbh i would not spend 350 on a phone

  • nick

Oldham, get Xiliosft 3GP converter... it does all mobile formats.

  • Anonymous

its like saying a bush dvd player is the same as a top of the range hitachi dvd player, just because thay have the same specifications,
you pay for what you get m8, 120, gets you crap 350 gets you class,

  • nick

almizer, they require both, sadly...

"just because it has a slightly less blurry camera?

because gx30 can match a real camera, just look on the gx forum, and the o2 cant match a any vga camera.
slightly less blurry lmao lmao"

But do we want to put an extra 150 onto a phone with the same specifications???

If you want to praise the GX30, go to the gx30 forum!!!!!

  • Oldham

Does anyone know of any software that can convert the cif (MP4) video files that the phone produces. I can only play these video's on Real Player when i download to my PC and i hate using real player. Is there a converter out there that can make the files accessible on Windows Media Player? Any assistance is appreciated.