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  • Anonymous

the o2x3 is great n shud be for its price but wana no how 2 down load mp3s its doin mi ed in!n all ready had problems with it!

  • aleha

do you think there are really clever people out there that know about the phones and programming to make a update themselves instead of benQ or 02? jus thinkin out aloud here...

  • Vaughan

Sorry unknown, I was a bit on edge last night :) No hard feelings.

Nick, aye, Tinypic will host your pictures for free. See my links below for the URL.


  • DAN

Right the 02x3
mps player is ok, not as good as nokia or sony or samsung phones
camera,is just a joke, i could draw better,
screen is crap, just wait till up drop it, it stop working, unlike my old nokia and sonys
video is good, but the thing that realy piss me off, is why aint there a loud speaker for phone calls, when you have a mp3 player ?
and that hissssssss on vocie recorder

  • andy

i reckon im gonna get rid of mine b4 its too late i dont seem to be getting on with it the video is good and photos but its just this mp3 business i feel relly let down. i bought a reader and adaptor for it but still cant get them on the phone plus the handset manager is total crap.. might send my samsung v200 of to get repaired

  • nick

kane, they have never stocked the x3...

by the way I received an email from o2 data support (finally_:


You could try calling the X3 helpline, the manufacturer is Benq, and their number is 01603 269924 who may be able to advise about re-flashing the device.

If you aren't experiencing any problems with the handset, I wouldn't advise flashing with another version.


O2 Data Support UK

  • Anonymous

:O carm down, i am sorry :)

  • kane

is it true phone.4.U the one stop phone shop and carphone have stoped selling the o2x3,as i read on some other forum?

  • nick

Del, I think its as much as you can buy.. I have 256 meself

  • Del

Hi, whats max memory you can put in the phone for use of the mP3s? wud serach through the forum but wud be here till 2k6 :) ta

  • nick

Vaughan, I agree... you can't post fake pics, because its not peoples style to make thier x3's look good...

I can see that those pictures have been taken with the x3, its obvious...

I will post some of mine later on... TinyPic you say?

  • Vaughan

Unknown, if you're calling me a liar then you can lick me. For your information, TinyPic resizes the photos when it hosts them. Try it for yourself and see. What the fuck do you want, a photo of my X3 with the tree picture on it?

Laughing my head off at the fact somebody thinks I have nothing else to do than fake pictures off my phone!

  • Almizer

anyone elses camera kinda go green once the pic you take has been committed to memory? Haven't fully tested it still cus its night time so all pics are indoor. Still likin it though.

  • nick

As i said, o2 email services suck...

I emailed data support to sweeten them up, asking about GPRS mobile web, at the bottom of the email it said "Please feel free to reply if you have any other queries," so i did... i asked about the x3 software, and I havent had a reply for nigh on 3 days... :S. Strange that they were instant with the mobile web thing...

  • Anonymous

you could not dl new firmware on any o2x phone,so will this be diffrent?

  • Almizer

Just got me new phone, pretty impressed with it so far, haven't had chance to use the cam properly but everything else seems cool. Impressed with mp3, now experimenting with copying on vids.

If we can't download the new firmware in todays age (and considering these are phones!) that totally sucks. luckily I'm on the 1.22 version.

  • kane

OMFG,think we wont beable to download the new software, so i was told today,so we are suck with our old ones, witch is bollocks,

  • Anonymous

could at least picked some photos what are the right size, and tbh x3 does better than them in good sunny lighting

  • nick

ok cal, now i understand...

XBOX sucks ass...

I'm not sure about the software, I have emailed o2 data support and BenQ, but have had no reply.

Vaughen, you are lucky you have the updated version!!!

I have the original version - E051.08.11...


  • chris p

hi i have the o2x3 i think it s the old software dus any 1 know how to update it or if the new software is actually out?