O2 XDA Stealth

O2 XDA Stealth

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  • Daing

I want to know how to hard reset O2 XDA Stealth.

  • question

I was just wondering if anyone would suggest this phone for me, i know it has all those excell, bla bla bla, internet explore, but i am not a busy person, do you think that it is worth the money?

  • gerwin

how do i use keypad of o2 in text messaging. Stylus of this phone is bad, is it possible to use keypad in texting,. i tried it but it display numbers and doesn't recognize alpha char. is it a phone limitation?

  • aiyahnna

This would be the best and most selling item if only they put HSDPA or at least 3G. Ya outdated!!!! But not bad.... It is competiting with ASUS P525.... i think. Services of O2 really SUCKS!!!! Unlike HP, which is has warranty internationally.

  • QOO

How much this?
It is look best.
I like it.

  • sidxx

Outlook is good but outdate spec.
If support 3G is more better.

  • Anonymous

Bad service makes any product bad. In India the service of O2 is bad. Used O2 XdaII mini/Atom and finally shifted to HP iPaq 6828 due to better service network and replacement policy and software support because of HP being a computer company.

  • O2

O2 is one of the best phone brands ever, i like it, it's the best...actually,it's first in my list..it's above nokia,samsung and motorola..i like there phones alot. but one thing bothers me alot, why don't they make phones which is 3g capable, maybe HSDPA, or even a phone which has a cam of 3 megapixels or more...i can't say that "why CAN'T they make..." cuz im super sure that they can make it, teven better...sometimes when i look at their phones and compare it to others, it's certainly better but now, it's like their falling behind..now O2, it's time that you unleash your real power, i know you can do it, i know you can do more and beat other phone brands...so..go O2!! you can do it, i'll w8 for that...i'm your number one fan...you can do it! go!

please make a phone which has more memory in it's RAM and ROM, i know you can...thanx! i'll w8...O2 the best!

1. O2, i-mate (they look alike, does i-mate buy the designs of O2)
2. Motorola
3. Sony Ericsson
4. Samsung
5. Nokia

  • Pramod

This company should be banned for depriving their customers ROM updates. They give up their responsibilty once you buy their expensive phones (E.G Xda IIi). Friendly advice, Dont buy their products.

  • sachit

Hi can i install acrobat reder in this mobile

  • Anonymous

does it use 2.5mm jack? hope it doesnt

  • GMZ

Come on O2! Stop bringing out crappy phones, ever since the Atom came out, O2 hasn't really been in the game. Give us 3G with HSDPA, a second video call camera, a 400MHz Samsung processor, 256MB ROM and 128MB RAM and you'll have a real winner in the Stealth. The slider design just rocks. Oh... and give us a good T9 system for a keypad (like Nokia's).

  • Anonymous

what i now know about 02 i will never touch there phones ever again.

  • whitelighter

hmmmm ! looks nice...a slider just like N80... but not a 3G one ....

  • mgbu

hmm...... not 3G phone? what a waste..using GPRS to go online? huh?

  • firelulu

this is probably an upgrade version for xda atom exec~
everything about the same,
except wifi, and a slided-keyboard

  • ushdd

is therz anything new?????????
i guess o2 should consider this!!!!!!
old platform.........new look!!!!!!!
i think atom is much better.......

  • somaR

i believe O2 XDA Stealth is the model i am looking for to replace my O2 XDA Mini. i hope it would be made available soon in the Philippines.

  • Tim

looks pretty nice, black sliders are sure popular these days

  • vj

atom is still the best o2 product to me