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  • Not anonymous lol

Sony Xperia III series only drop 5% from day 1 until now (Price Tags) Pro version only 1%.
60% money guarantee if You trade in, if you're going to buy a new phone and planning to use for more than 2 years usage please buy Sony Xperia.
Don't go for midrange, the only purpose of manufacturer doing midrange just to recycle last year body frame, motherboard, battery, screen etc.
Go to the highest, with longevity pricetag!

  • Anonymous

John, 27 Apr 2022At least someone agrees, been reading more hate comments wi... morePeople just hyperfocus on the negatives about a phone. Every phone has good and bad things about it and peoples opinions on it can differ as well making one person's con someone else's pro. The market is so competitive these days that you can't really get something truly "bad" at the very worst case scenario you'll get a phone that is just "fine" and in the best case scenario you get a phone that is "good". Ignore it all and just buy whatever you want.

  • Surs

Surajit, 25 Apr 2022Bought oneplus 10 pro yesterday.... OTA update is pending..... moreSee at settings>apps>disabled apps. There u see the software update is disabled. U can't find a option there to enable it.u have to reset the rom to another rom such as European or indian Rom. Then you can enable it.

  • John

thfcbude, 21 Apr 2022After a year's of using Apple devices i have decided t... moreAt least someone agrees, been reading more hate comments with OnePlus.

  • Anonymous

No vanilla 10?

  • The OnePlus Man

JG01, 26 Apr 2022Don't buy this phone !!! OnePlus was recently bought... moreThank you for the breaking news.

  • JG01

Don't buy this phone !!! OnePlus was recently bought by Oppo(part of the BBK companies in China). Hardware is great but dumb without the software. The software is what we interact with to make the hardware work. I bought a OnePlus 9 Pro which came with OxygenOS 11. OnePlus upgraded the OS to Oxygen12. They majorly changed the OS !! without telling customers. Apps that we were able to uninstall or disable in Oxygen11 no longer can be removed or shutdown....they are running all the time and many features have been changed. This is BIG security issue for attacks and spyware. I bought the phone 16 days ago(can't return it now) for what OnePlus stood for (user control over the software experience, which they removed). The new OnePlus is dictating the terms on how we us the phone as they do in China. How the change impacted me was like, taking your car to dealership for service and when you get is back, the wheels, seats, stereo, engine performance , braking have all been downgraded !! All I got to say is , "OnePlus, if you are going dictate the terms of use as you do in China elsewhere in the world.....STAY IN CHINA !! WE IN THE USA DON'T WANT YOUR METHODS HERE !!".

  • parth

10 pro very nice phone but phone heating to high in sunlight area at that time camera recording stop and phone cool then after u video recording and after in sunlight same problem heating

  • Surajit

Bought oneplus 10 pro yesterday.... OTA update is pending....but the update fails every time. Version NE2215_11.A.12. plz share if there is any suggestion.

  • EePee

Slater1133, 24 Apr 2022Thanks for sharing your expert opinion!Im no expert buddy, just an enthusiast who cant type properly

EePee, 23 Apr 2022Xiaomi 12 Pro, it wont accidentally become a foldable. In ... moreThanks for sharing your expert opinion!

  • EePee

Slater1133, 23 Apr 2022OnePlus 10 Pro or Xiaomi 12 Pro... which is better and whic... moreXiaomi 12 Pro, it wont accidentally become a foldable.
In seriousness the c=Xiaomi has an arguably better camera and overall performance. Other than that theyre very similar in my humble opinion

OnePlus 10 Pro or Xiaomi 12 Pro... which is better and which should I go for?

ATM am using Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro debloated MIUI for the last 2 yrs, with none issues after from no 5G and storage is UFS 2.1..


Yo! What's with OxygenOS being bloated by undesirable goodies? Sure adb is no-brainer but disabling all of those goodies leads to instability, as noticed in MIUI case (com.xiaomi.ab)

JG01, 18 Apr 2022Don’t buy this phone!!! OnePlus is no longer OnePlus(origin... moreGet your facts right. Oppo never bought OnePlus, they have been part of the same parent group (BBK Electronics). They are just consolidating the teams together.

Have had a 3 OnePlus devices 5, 8 pro and now the 10 pro.

The 5 showed me the speed that OnePlus delivers, the 8 pro ticked every box, now the 10 pro has added to that incremental legacy.

As with any OnePlus device. If you don't unlock the bootloader and install custom ROMs then you are simply missing out..

There are so many ROMs available on OnePlus devices that you'd be doing yourself and the device a disservice.

With the 5 and the 8 pro you had solid stock OS' with the 10 pro it's almost in beta stage, there are some bugs still in there she it feels rushed, but that's where updates will come in and custom ROMs

The hardware on the 10 pro is phenomenal, PS2 games, no problem, cameras are top top notch with superb features (although no macro) the video zooming and stabilization is top tier, it's like watching TV, it's that smooth.

The charging speed is really something to behold, 30 minutes and you're completely charged, you can literally see the numbers going up live, the SOC also offers the best efficiency I've ever known, losing 0% overnight for me over 8 hours with screen on time breaking 10 hours per charge every time with a high of 11 hours.

If you were on any OnePlus device before this and you liked it then the 10 pro is an upgrade, even the 9 or 9 pro, doesn't feel like it at first but all the little differences I've mentioned really add up and add to an experience you don't get anywhere else.

And for the price it's just amazing, not to mention that if you ordered to the phone early on then you'd get the new buds for free which are also extremely well made, great sound and noise cancelling is quite creepy.


Macro camera is a big loss for me. Although you can zoom it's not the same.

Out of the box OS is buggy and not pretty, although it'll be fixed with updates or custom ROMs

8GB version shouldnt exist nor should the 128GB version.

Camera bump is not pretty.

After a year's of using Apple devices i have decided to test the water with Android.. sooo 2021 i have bought a Xperia 5 ii Good phone with terable UK Costemer service.... Because of the annoying small things like badly working proximity sensor poor battery life and mainly the unhelpful Sony UK Costemer service i have started to looking for a new handset. Then i have found on GSM Arena OnePlus 10 Pro. i loved the look of the device and i decided to be my next smartphone. However couple of months ago accidentally i have broken my Xperia. At the time Oneplus hasn't been announced the European launch of the 10 Pro so i went to the shop and i have picked Pixel 6 Pro, i cannot say nothing bad about the Pixel 6 pro but... It is just ordinary divice... I will discribe as a nothing special...
However, after the launch few weeks ago on the 10 Pro i have bought the phone straight away as I've been waiting for it since January 😆 and....
Already 2 weeks with my new 10 Pro and i can say is much better than the Xperia and the Pixel 6 pro, i just don't understand why all those bad comments and
Reviews about the 10 Pro?!?!?! the phone is almost perfect. Battery life, Oxigen OS, even the camera that everybody complaining... I'm not an expert, but the phone is stunning, and anyone claiming the phone doesn't worth it's simply not true.

  • Kuba

Charlee, 07 Apr 2022Is OP like Huawei a part of the Chinees government ? Is it ... moreYes. Any big company in China must cooperate with government, that means spying users. Trust me I live in China, this is completely lawless country:) Besides that I'd recommend to anyone postpone your phone purchase and wait for Snapdragon 8gen1+ which will be made by TSMC, not Samsung. Currently ALL snapdragon 8gen1 are made by Samsung and are very hot and very power hungry. I even bought Samsung S22 but returned it because of very poor battery life and heat issue.

JG01, 18 Apr 2022Don’t buy this phone!!! OnePlus is no longer OnePlus(origin... moreLOL hahahaha.

Buhari, 07 Apr 2022I got my OnePlus 10 Pro yesterday and after 1 day of usage,... moreCorrection :: Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor