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Anonymous, 02 Jun 2022Bad Networks . Speed: 3G: HSPA 42.2/5.76 Mbps. LTE-A... moreHave you lost your mind ?
Mobile reception is great
Download speeds are brilliant
I get 900mbps on 5g outdoors
And I get 450mbps indoors
Full 5 bars everywhere

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    • AlexP
    • rRU
    • 03 Jul 2022

    Fryjigen, 28 Jun 2022wow such hate speech in here. i guess i can say dont buy... moreChina, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia are the main countries that bear those characteristics and participate in the manufacture of iPhone. While several asian countries assemble the iPhone, the phone is mostly assembled in China.

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      • Anonymous
      • pdt
      • 02 Jul 2022

      [deleted post]Whats wrong with it ?

        Anonymous, 26 Jun 2022Battery life is worse than expected. I switched from Google... moreHi mate, want ask i have pixel 6 pro and just piss me off battery drainage, how is on OP 10 pro. Is better or not against pixel?
        I has OP many years before but OP 9pro was horrible so I switch to pixel.
        Up to April was great but then I charge it 2 times a day.

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          • Fryjigen
          • uJx
          • 28 Jun 2022

          JG01, 26 Apr 2022Don't buy this phone !!! OnePlus was recently bought... morewow such hate speech in here.

          i guess i can say dont buy iphones too since they are designed in california then?

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            • minal
            • YP6
            • 28 Jun 2022

            put software update and security update fast as possible give best for us. Thank you oneplus

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              • Anonymous
              • C90
              • 26 Jun 2022

              Anonymous, 20 Jun 2022Battery - Decent, lifespan is lower than expected per charg... moreBattery life is worse than expected. I switched from Google pixel 6 pro to OnePlus 10 pro and I don't regret but battery life is not as expected other than that I love the phone.

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                • Fonebone
                • IbG
                • 26 Jun 2022

                Honestly I think that the 8 pro performs better although I haven't really ever had a OnePlus phone that I did not like.

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                  • Anonymous
                  • I1F
                  • 22 Jun 2022

                  Good phone I want one. Plus 😂 lol

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                    • Anonymous
                    • rg}
                    • 20 Jun 2022

                    Battery - Decent, lifespan is lower than expected per charge, but charging is super fast
                    Screen - Very nice and fluid. The adaptive resolution is interesting. Adaptive brightness is often a bit too low at first.
                    Performance - Solid
                    Operation - Keeps trying to optimize my antivirus to save battery, and keeps notifying me even after configured not to.
                    Sound/Calls - Speakers suck. Don't understand why the rating here is not lower. Microphone for calls is terrible compared to Samsung, LG, HTC and other phones I've had. I use Bluetooth earbuds to use the voice to text service, otherwise it works poorly. This really should not be considered flagship level without better microphones
                    Camera - Very good. Not quite Pixel 6 Pro or Samsung level, but very good.

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                      • Lowkey
                      • 650
                      • 18 Jun 2022

                      Oneplus data doesn't work on bell/aliants network...useless and shouldn't be sold in canada

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                        • Harry
                        • mVA
                        • 16 Jun 2022

                        Oneplus 11. 2023 Jun.

                        a variant with 14 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage is apparently also planned, the battery has a capacity of 5,800 mAh and is charged with a maximum of 200 watts, this information is the only one that has already been confirmed by certification

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                          • Anonymous
                          • 8p0
                          • 15 Jun 2022

                          Jesaja, 09 May 2022So I’ve bought the OnePlus 10 pro. Beforehand I’ve played... moreHow's the battery life on your mate 20 pro? After EMUI12 update, my phone battery drastically decreased

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                            • AlexP
                            • k7k
                            • 07 Jun 2022

                            Where's the speaker test results?

                              Shubham, 25 May 2022My charger is lost and want to buy a new one, but it is now... moreFinding chargers coming from popular brands like OPPO, Xiaomi, OnePlus, etc might be very hard to find original chargers with same charging speed.
                              But you can still find original chargers at their official store if they sell original fast charging chargers or else at their official online store.
                              Do note that it will be really expensive than 3rd party or generic chargers and might have risk charger will explode when overheats and might damage your phone if buy generic ones. Original charger is recommended or else 3rd party ones like Anker if they sell which supports super fast charging.

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                                • Anonymous
                                • gDf
                                • 02 Jun 2022

                                proUser, 20 Apr 2022Correction :: Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor Bad Networks .
                                3G: HSPA 42.2/5.76 Mbps.
                                LTE-A (6 CA) Cat24 3200/550 Mbps.
                                5G band : ????

                                  W, 27 May 2022How is main camera holding up against Pixel 3/4/5 if we are... moreLook at Tom guide review.

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                                    • Farhad
                                    • C90
                                    • 30 May 2022

                                    Hello everyone, I just bought OnePlus 10 Pro about 4 days ago but battery life drains faster than expected. Battery life is worse than my Pixel 6 pro.
                                    Please suggest battery tips.

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                                      • Ronju
                                      • u10
                                      • 29 May 2022

                                      Barometer is not available. I have checked OnePlus webpages. Only T-Mobile version might have it as this Version IP68 Rated.

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                                        • W
                                        • nav
                                        • 27 May 2022

                                        How is main camera holding up against Pixel 3/4/5 if we are talking image quality? Anyone with real world experience?