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AnonD-731363, 23 Sep 2022Man they said 32 Mpix not 8 and until final release this is... moreThis 32MP sensor will be a quad Bayer and quad Bayer sensors are not supposed to shoot in full res. So ultimately it's a 8MP shit

    TDP, 23 Sep 2022It's because the big resolution doesn't mean the ... moreWe know what resolution means, it means the size of an image which further depends on dpi while printing yet 8/12 MP is pretty small for some. Most dslr has 24MP sensor. Phone manufacturers are talking a lot about their camera and still stuck at 4:3 12MP shame!

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      • Anonymous
      • HEu
      • 01 Oct 2022

      Anonymous, 30 Sep 2022They just seem big, 10 Pro cameras are actually small!So, seemingly, 11 Pro won't have big cameras, but they'll be great)

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        • 3QJ
        • 30 Sep 2022

        Exusiai, 25 Sep 2022That camera is huge and ugly as hellThey just seem big, 10 Pro cameras are actually small!

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          • AnonD-731363
          • n$n
          • 29 Sep 2022

          Tigolebitties, 29 Sep 2022Sad but true. Most of them only focus on numbers, not the r... moreWell thats right but usualy flagships get both of those. An outstanding real life performance and something new which previous generations did not have.

            AnonD-731363, 27 Sep 2022Man most people here are specs hunters and they are all abo... moreSad but true. Most of them only focus on numbers, not the real-life perfomance

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              • 4AC
              • 29 Sep 2022

              Taking bets on NA getting shafted with single-SIM again

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                • LV426
                • 3p7
                • 28 Sep 2022

                Everything is about senzor size + optics (+ postprocessing in smartphones), nothing else.

                1" 12Mpix will everytime better than 1/2.0 100Mpix.

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                  • Frae 789
                  • gDf
                  • 28 Sep 2022

                  The battery should again offer a capacity of 5,000 mAh, but can be charged with a cable at 130 instead of 80 watts. bad news: not support Wi-Fi 7 and 5G+
                  LTE Cat 26.

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                    • Anonymous
                    • gDf
                    • 28 Sep 2022

                    The battery should again offer a capacity of 5,000 mAh, but can be charged with a cable at 130 instead of 80 watts.
                    bad news:
                    not support Wi-Fi 7 .
                    LTE Cat 24.
                    A C 7.

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                      • AnonD-731363
                      • Lfw
                      • 27 Sep 2022

                      Tigolebitties, 26 Sep 2022It's not about the megapixel, it's about the effo... moreMan most people here are specs hunters and they are all about megapixels, all about more than 120W charging, all about more than 5000 mAh cell, All about more than a 240Hz screen or refresh rate etc.
                      Specs hunters are exactly like this and they care. Thus why is the Motorola 30 edge ultra most popular product of this year along with Xiaomi Mi 12S ultra and Honor magic 4 ultimate also upcomming Oneplus 11.

                        If these specs are accurate, I really like what they're doing here. The design has this industrial, sophisticated look which, considering the whole phone is made in collaboration with Hasselblad to target photographers, is probably going to appeal to a lot of people.

                        I'm hoping this does start the trend of putting 1440p displays back in smartphones again, since Samsung and Google are the only major manufacturers providing us with 1440p screens at the moment(correct me if I'm wrong instead of screaming your virtual bumcheeks off at me please).
                        Even Sony, the inventor of 4K mobile displays, only has a 1440p/4K (which is actually more of a blend between 4K and 1440p due to the tall screen ratio) on their top-end 1 IV and has ditched the full 4K display(which, as a diehard Sony fanboy, pains me to say).

                        The one thing I'm not liking about the rumors so far is the fact that the front selfie camera only does 1080p 30fps? Seriously?

                        I mean, I do understand that the main focus is on the rear cameras, since that's really the main selling point of this phone, but you can't just abandon the video quality on the front camera.
                        This might also be directed towards front camera photo, though we'll find out later on when the lens type, focal length, set aperture, sensor type, sensor size, etc; is confirmed by OnePlus.

                        Most importantly though, I'm really hoping they fixed the bendgate issue!

                        Hoping to see a huge win here from OnePlus!

                        p.s. stop arguing about RAM you guys, 16GB is plenty enough for a phone for now. I can see why it would favor OnePlus to up their game and go for 24 gigs. It would be an innovation, and they'd be the first to do it. It would also make for a great selling point (especially if this phone were targeted towards lower-end, not-so-nerdy users), but from a practical point of view, 16GB is more than enough for now.
                        I'm personally still running strong on my 4GB+2GB on my Redmi Note 10 haha

                        You've got this 1+! Bring back the 5T days!

                        - DLT

                          Ok, 25 Sep 2022you're the same person who thinks that the camera on a... moreMy verified brothers and sisters keeping the Karens in their place 💪💪

                            AnonD-731363, 23 Sep 2022Man apples have 12 or 8 since a very long time and noone ca... moreIt's not about the megapixel, it's about the effort they put. OP's been using that 16mp selfie camera since the 7 Pro without any major improvements. They even put the 10 Pro's selfie camera as its disadvantage

                              barogking, 23 Sep 2022OMFG this is soooooooooo UGLY.... If this or the 10 pro lo... more"wait for a good looking oneplus phone." Sorry to say but I don't think they'll make a nice looking phone ever again

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                                • J BHARGAV REDDY
                                • rKC
                                • 26 Sep 2022

                                Yes is a good mobile in all mobiles OnePlus it's using updated processer and camera is a telephoto it's a awesome camera and mobile build is a good. And battery is nice 5000 mah and using in ois and futures is a good 👍 finally good mobile I think price is a 60000

                                  AnonymousLife, 26 Sep 2022Trust me Android needs all the RAM you can get !No, you don't need 24 GB trust me.

                                    all flagship android going curved display im going for iphone. Samsung flgship doesnt support aptx, Sony 21:9 ratio is bad....

                                      Anonymous, 24 Sep 2022This company will be close soon there is no innovation no ... more18GB is already more than what the majority of computer desktops have, going up to 24GB would be a waste of money since most Android apps don't swallow much of the RAM. Games may use a fair amount of it, but not an obscene amount. 16GB is still very much useable,

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                                        • AnonymousLife
                                        • MsL
                                        • 26 Sep 2022

                                        Mobilemaster, 25 Sep 2022Would you explain us why on Earth do we need 24 GB on a dam... moreTrust me Android needs all the RAM you can get !