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been using this phone for 3 months, the phone back glass cover s*cks. 3m textured decal sticker doesn't stick very well on it. it easily peel on corner edge even i used heat gun.

a couple of days ago, i started to use my phone without phone case as i find having a phone case feels uncomfortable to carry as it added weight and thick even though i use aramid fiber case (kevlar). phone is already wide and heavy. back glass cover is a total sh*t. very slippery to use naked and i tried to install 3m textured sticker. the sticker doesn't stick well especially on the corner edge. haaiizzz my other phone with the same 3m textured sticker installed, sticked well on the back while this oneplus 12 dont. it feels silky smooth. btw mine is color black.

    smashly, 31 Mar 2024Current Global OxygenOS CPH2581 is definitely different fro... moreThanks heaps @smashly for the very detailed explanation.
    Easter greetings.
    My best!!

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      • smashly
      • v6x
      • 31 Mar 2024

      Slater1133, 31 Mar 2024Thanks again @smashly for the very detailed and a comprehen... moreCurrent Global OxygenOS CPH2581 is definitely different from China ColorOS PJD110, that's for sure.
      Basically China ColorOS doesn't fully support google apps (China doesn't use playstore at all)
      Even though alot of China Op12 sellers offer Playstore installed on CN ColorOS, it still doesn't work properly.
      I also didn't think much of the keyboard that came with CN ColorOS.
      Also there were some china apps that just don't seem to remove in CN ColorOS

      Global/EUR/US OxygenOS natively support playstore and it's apps.
      No china apps lurking in the backgroud, well there might be, but they aren't visable if they are.
      But I still don't trust OxygenOS, it's very bloated and really doesn't respect memory use.
      Every snazzy feature you want to use seems need some other software permission just to launch.
      For example Multi Display nags about OPSynergy permissions such as location, nearby shares, Phone permission, contacts permission, message permission, notification permission, bluetooth permission,camera permisson and god knows how many other bits of crap and other sowftware to enable and permiss..
      That's just to cast to a TV 3 feet away on the same network... WTH!!!
      800MB+ of memory later ohh it works, not impressive.
      The phone has WiFi-Direct, try use it to connect directly to a WiFi-Direct projector, FAIL!
      Connect but not share the screen without all that bloat being enabled..
      Yes I'm affraid to say great features that were easy to use have regressed the more Android supposedly progresses.

      Still a great phone and OxygenOS is fine as long as you don't want to use those native software based whistles and bells.

        smashly, 31 Mar 2024@Slater1133: For firmware flashing. Do a search and look ... moreThanks again @smashly for the very detailed and a comprehensive reply. Appreciate it, for taking the time out on holiday.
        After the ROM flash model CPH2581 is the same as was with the Color or has changed?
        You are one genius phone doc 😉.
        Have a great Sunday afternoon.
        Best regards, from Sydney!!

          smashly, 30 Mar 2024All I can say is I'm glad I bought the CN version of t... moreG'day,
          Which Global ROM variant did you flash?
          Since am assuming that you face none hardware issues 🤔
          Thanks again!!

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            • smashly
            • 8pJ
            • 31 Mar 2024

            For firmware flashing.
            Do a search and look for xdaforums in the link using the following keywords:
            Sorry I didn't just post the link as I'm unsure if the post here permits external links.
            But once your there it just takes some reading, downloading and a windows pc to connect the phone for flashing.
            All the hard work has already been done by others.

            As for debloating, same thing, do general searches and read what different modules you don't use or need to work out what you can disable/remove.
            Since you'd have ADB/Fastboot set up on your pc you can use legit free unbloated windows apps (like UAD - Universal Android Debloater) or even manually via ADB commands to per user disable/remove the bloat you can't seem to remove/disable from within the OxygenOS itself.
            eg: greyed out Disable buttons or no Uninstall options.
            Also doing this on a non rooted phone is not so volatile, if you cripple the phone (bootloop) while disabling or removing something just factory reset and start again.
            Even when the phone can't boot to the home screen you can hold Vol- & Power Button, let go of power button when the 1+ logo shows, it boots in to fastboot mode and you can factory reset using the Vol+- & Power buttons to navigate.
            Obviously time is the main factor, it takes time to read and experiment.

            After install of Global rom on my CN OP12, About device shows: Model CPH2581

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              • smashly
              • 8pJ
              • 31 Mar 2024

              SoliTaire, 30 Mar 2024Hi, When you switched to global version, the model number ... moreAfter flash of global rom on my CN phone the About device screen shows Model CPH2581.

                smashly, 30 Mar 2024All I can say is I'm glad I bought the CN version of t... moreGood morning,
                I have a couple of questions, am a noob with tech and phones... apologies since am a med. doc M.D
                How did you flash Global ROM over CN?
                And how to debloat it after?
                Hoping to hear back.
                Best regards.

                And thanks for posting a detailed experience!!

                  smashly, 30 Mar 2024All I can say is I'm glad I bought the CN version of t... moreHi,
                  When you switched to global version, the model number changed too or still the original one?,,,

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                    • smashly
                    • v6x
                    • 30 Mar 2024

                    All I can say is I'm glad I bought the CN version of the OP12 phone almost 2 months ago..
                    If I had waited and bought the Global version here in Australia I would have been capped with an 80w charging and 16GB/512GB mem/storage.
                    Instead I have 100w charging and 24GB/1TB and it actually cost me less then buying the Global version, go figure :)
                    And yep I flashed it with the Global rom and am upto date with OxygenOS all debloated.
                    Since debloating I definitely get better battery life and overall it's consistantly smoother to use.
                    In general this phone is a pleasure to use on a daily basis.
                    Everything I use on the phone works well for me.
                    WiFi, Bluetooth, USB 3.2, HDMI out, Multi Monitor, OTG seems to work quick when plugging in anything (expansion dock, keyboard, mouse, controller, cam, drives, usb sticks, etc).
                    Ohh and the cameras are brilliant for a non photo literate person like me.
                    My happy snaps make it look like I know how to use a camera (and I don't).

                    In all honesty though it's the first phone I've owned that is of this calibur.
                    My prior phones have always been cheapo barely entry level phones (Ericson Flip, LG, Nokia 2.1, Moto G32).
                    So it's not like I have a lot of phones hardware wise I can compare against.
                    But the upside is I always screw the most out of every phone I've

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                      • copefx
                      • mcB
                      • 29 Mar 2024

                      this is the phone every iphone user wishes they had LOL

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                        • Wyehoota
                        • Kur
                        • 28 Mar 2024

                        I believe that Oneplus 12 currently only supports upto 18W when charging in USB-PD mode. Suspect only SuperVOOC supports higher charging rates.

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                          • Anonymous
                          • iAE
                          • 27 Mar 2024

                          Anonymous, 25 Mar 2024Perfect hardware which is restricted by the software. Exper... moreSame delay on scrolling also on 12R, probably an Oxygen 14 issue. Hope they have not set such software delay intentionally since it looks very bad.

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                            • Anonymous
                            • gJt
                            • 26 Mar 2024

                            Nimz, 26 Mar 2024I have been this phone since about 10 days. I have liked it... moreIf you use camera or maps the SOT falls to about 6 hours. For browsing, chatting, hearing to music etc it gives me about 8 hours. Also some other apps may consume more battery thus there is not standard SOT for all occasions.

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                              • Anonymous
                              • gJt
                              • 26 Mar 2024

                              Anonymous, 26 Mar 2024Also experiencing a delay when switching between apps like ... moreIndeed this is the case. I have contacted OnePlus already but I see this is Oxygen 14 issue and happens to many Oneplus devices so I am not really optimistic that will be resolved anytime soon. When using the device quickly it feels like a device of the previous decade due to those 1-2 second software delays.

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                                • Nimz
                                • Nvv
                                • 26 Mar 2024

                                I have been this phone since about 10 days. I have liked it so much. camera is awesome. The battery life im not so much happy with. I charge it in the moringing and the refresh rate is kept at AUTO refresh rate. I have wifi, data connectivity ON fulltime. Apart from that my usage is more than average user(not a very heavy user) but overall phone performance is fantastic and its charging speeds are insane. i charge my phone mornings for about 25-30mins to full.
                                The battery when i keep it on charge is about 15-20% so that means my battery usage is about 80% in 24hrs and i cant survive without charging the phone every 24hours. In short the phone has all that one needs plus the super fast charging speeds but the Screen On time is about 6.5hrs or so for me. not the 8 or 9 hours which some pple show online. honest review is that the phone is 8/10. the onlye downside is the battery being 5400mah but doesnt live up to the mark. but the charging speed covers up forthe downside.

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • r9b
                                  • 26 Mar 2024

                                  Anonymous, 25 Mar 2024Perfect hardware which is restricted by the software. Exper... moreAlso experiencing a delay when switching between apps like Google Chrome and YouTube. When you switch to one of those from another app, there's a 1 second delay where it doesn't register your initial touch.

                                  Very disappointing that such a simple issue persists on a phone with great hardware. Send feedback to OnePlus to fix this.

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • gJt
                                    • 25 Mar 2024

                                    Perfect hardware which is restricted by the software. Experiencing even some delay in simple scrolling on system launcher and as a result several times need to touch twice for the command to go through. Not sure if this is a bug or they have set this delay for a reason but it is very annoying. Also when switching apps and returning to google chrome there is a 2 seconds delay for the page to load. Also when you take a photo it takes 1-2 seconds for the processing to get finalised.. Software performance does not look of a phone that wears the fastest chipset in the market and 16gb of ram. Hope OP will fix this thing, it is not difficult.

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                                      • OP
                                      • U{B
                                      • 25 Mar 2024

                                      Will there be major change in Oxygen OS 15?
                                      Will there be AI features like Smsng?

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                                        • Kei
                                        • d%u
                                        • 24 Mar 2024

                                        ifty, 15 Mar 2024bro did u buy the device??Hey everyone living in uae. I bought it and its working normally i bought from amazon there is no esim just incase if ur wondering