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  • 11 Dec 2023

Cpt.Power, 11 Dec 2023Still milions times better, faster also faster charging spe... moreSure. Lmao

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    • y26
    • 11 Dec 2023

    Anton el papi, 11 Dec 2023And that's why it's unnecessary to pay for the 24... moreYou could make the same argument with the 512GB version vs the 1TB version. Why pay more for the "same performance"?

      Marshal, 11 Dec 2023My OnePlus 9 pro is not upgrade to android 14,😭Yes it will be updated and it will be the last too

        SummerSlam, 11 Dec 2023what are people gonna do with 24GB Ram ? like OnePlus needs... moreAnd that's why it's unnecessary to pay for the 24GB ram version!! pay more to have the same performance as the 12 or 16 which is also more

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          • Nazmul
          • P$I
          • 11 Dec 2023

          Should upgrade to 32-bit/384kHz audio but unfortunately it's missing in OnePlus 12.

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            • SummerSlam
            • YTJ
            • 11 Dec 2023

            what are people gonna do with 24GB Ram ? like OnePlus needs to understand merely increasing RAM aise won't improve the phone's performance, focus on camera and processor optimisation

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              • Marshal
              • ITE
              • 11 Dec 2023

              My OnePlus 9 pro is not upgrade to android 14,😭

                Lead2XL, 05 Dec 2023I would never buy a phone this huge and heavy. If I want a ... moreMaaaaaaan this is phone not tablet tablets are from 10 inch size.
                And from one kilo weight.
                If you not happy buy Nokia 105 2023 or Energizer E4 weights only 65 grams.

                  Azo, 05 Dec 2023Don't get fooled with the Chinese pricing, Internation... moreStill milions times better, faster also faster charging speeds and with much more accesories in box than Samsung, Sony or Apple and many else brands.

                    Anonymous, 05 Dec 2023Prices in China 12/256: 4299 yuans ( 560 euros) 16/5... moreWell it will be double in Europe i mean the pricing still will be cheaper than S24 series also with nice accesories in box where in case of Samsung it will be another 100 for branded accesories.
                    Anyway beastly specs for said prices. There wont be much other brands with better device.
                    Maybe apart unihertz Tank 3 which also got my interest. it was on Alliexpress for preorder price 499 eur before finaly released.

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                      • ua82
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                      • 11 Dec 2023

                      neoBrave, 11 Dec 2023Used an op3 for 3yrs and now still using op7 pro for 4yrs w... moreI'm thinking of upgrading to OnePlus 12 from Xiaomi mi 11 even though it's running great thinking just to replace the battery

                      But have an upgrade itch after few years , if OnePlus 12 CN version is at tempting price and can flash oxygen I might just buy it , I wouldn't buy from own country will be much more

                      Same way I bought Xiaomi mi 11 cn much cheaper and flashed rom

                        neoBrave, 11 Dec 2023Used an op3 for 3yrs and now still using op7 pro for 4yrs w... moreWait for the OP 12 to be released globally and check the reviews. Then, you can make the decision much easier. Honestly, I believe the software is pretty good; the only thing that people don't like is that now that they've been acquired by Oppo, Oxygen OS and Color OS are basically the same, and people used to like the old Oxygen OS for its clean and near-stock Android experience. But as for specs, this one's a winner

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                          • neoBrave
                          • KLU
                          • 11 Dec 2023

                          Used an op3 for 3yrs and now still using op7 pro for 4yrs which still rocking solid and smooth (using oos 11). Used to like old OOS very much and abandoned samsung in the past without looking back.

                          Not interested to update the os to 12 after seeing in op community so many issue with it and lack of response from the developer

                          Right now just consider to upgrade to a new phone because of the degraded battery life, and this op 12 has great specs and make me want to give it a try but still doubt about color os or current oxygen os as oppo already acquired op totally.

                          Even more, after saw a review of oppo find n3 fold, its selfie phone video having issue with backlight overexposure, so better wait for any review to see if this op12 have the same issue too, as it seems they're both using the similar camera module?
                          Don't want to waste my hard earned money on any flagship phone which flaw I can't resist.

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                            • jentmy
                            • IVD
                            • 11 Dec 2023

                            I am still waiting for OnePlus to support esim. I shifted from OnePlus to Samsung because I wanted to have esim for my travel use. I like OnePlus a lot and the moment OnePlus supprts esim, I will hop back to OnePlus.

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                              • oslikoff
                              • iGh
                              • 10 Dec 2023

                              It will be an unaffordable device again, for a small group of freaks. For the others - as good as nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

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                                • 3PiR
                                • nwR
                                • 10 Dec 2023

                                Does the phone has red ones in the clock?

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                                  • say
                                  • 10 Dec 2023

                                  Jigar Nagda, 09 Dec 2023Finally will be switching from OnePlus 6 to OnePlus 12 ❤️❤️Same bro

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                                    • brasil 66
                                    • 3@j
                                    • 10 Dec 2023

                                    There is no way in hell that this phone will cost under 700-800e anywhere in Europe.

                                      Hoooowie! That is definitely my dream phone, if only it wasn't oversized as hell.

                                        ua82, 09 Dec 2023Yeah January hopefully we'll see global rom available ... moreLet's hope that doesn't happen! it won't be a cheap phone