OnePlus 6T vs. 5T vs. 3T

The camera evolution of T

GSMArena team, 30 November 2018.


The evolution of T - OnePlus' interim model for the fall that's neither quite the next generation, nor is it entirely the old one. It all started with the 3T, the T jokingly there to one-up Apple's S, and we're now a couple of Ts later at 6T. We figured we'd round up the three Ts we have at the office for a shootout to see what two years of progress have made better.

OnePlus 6T vs. 5T vs. 3T evolution

The phones in this three-way are the OnePlus 3T, 5T, and 6T, a year between each next iteration. There was no OnePlus 4, and hence no 4T either, because China is no fan of the number 4 for superstitious reasons.

The OP3T from two years ago has a single 16MP camera - that was still acceptable in 2016. The OnePlus 5 (non-T) was the first to add an extra rear module, and its slightly longer lens made a bit more sense than what OP came up with for the 5T and stuck with for another two half-generations, 6T included. Meanwhile, the main unit remained at 16MP, even though it did see some refinements.

Over on the front there hasn't been much change in the camera configuration from T to T - it's 16MP of resolution and still no autofocus, after all this time.

We'll be going over the different camera setups, similar as they may be, on the next page. It's not like there was much else to do here with the Fall firmly settled in our neck of the woods making any decent samples but a dream.

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Kikikikik I like this

  • El Natan

I'd recommend using the Pixel 3 GCam all the time - except for 4Kp60 video.

At least one : Me. And i would take this and get some modding to improve, over your lovely iPhone-specced (just this year 1/2.55", after almost 7 years long with same sensor size? Yikes!) and its copycat brands. Don't get to "If YoU CaRe ...