OnePlus 6T vs. 5T vs. 3T

30 November 2018
The evolution of T - OnePlus' interim model for the fall that's neither quite the next generation, nor is it entirely the old one. It all started with the 3T, the T jokingly there to one-up Apple's S, and we're now a couple of Ts later at 6T.

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  • 01 Jun 2021

Bchad76, 04 Apr 2021The Oneplus line of phones have always been ahead of the re... moreI installed Gcam and find it hard to see any difference. I'm using a Xiamio A3 and I didn't need to search for my model, thought by your remarks the close up might be better but also not to be (there is a phone out there which has a close up range of half centimeter and the phone costs an amazing price of£10 it's made by Alcatel and only sold by O2

    The Oneplus line of phones have always been ahead of the rest when it comes to hardware specs. The 3T had 6gb of RAM and 128gb of storage along with an Snapdragon 821 processor, and an Amoled display. Those specs alone were as good as gets in 2016. The one thing Oneplus has seemed to struggle with with was it's cameras. Their photos have always been average for a phone that consistently excelled in all other categories. Benchmark test for every Oneplus model have been in the top 5.

    The Gcam camera addon app can make a huge difference on oneplus phones. I have a oneplus 7 pro which has a decent camera but the actual stock camera app is limited compared to the capabilities of the Gcam. On the front facing camera the Oneplus Stock camera app there's no zoom in option, once I added the Gcam I was able to zoom in and out. The biggest improvement came with Googles Night Sight and Astrophotography mode. The stock Oneplus app has a nightscape mode for very dark subjects but the results are mediocre when compared to the Gcam. The exposure time is what pulls in any available light. The stock app is maxed out at 4 sec. The Gcam has an exposure time that can go as long as 5 min. Google has a significant edge in terms of camera software capabilities. The Gcam has been modified and designed to most smartphones so you just need to search your phone model to find the Gcam mod made for your phone. It's a fast and easy addon app that will improve your photography.

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      • 29 Dec 2018

      naap51d, 02 Dec 2018As with most manufacturers, most of this is just garbage. ... moreKikikikik I like this

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        • 07 Dec 2018

        mic501, 05 Dec 2018That oversaturated green on 6T is REALLY ANNOYING! It makes... moreI'd recommend using the Pixel 3 GCam all the time - except for 4Kp60 video.

          Anonymous, 05 Dec 2018Who cares about sensor size when Sony has one of the worst ... moreAt least one : Me.

          And i would take this and get some modding to improve, over your lovely iPhone-specced (just this year 1/2.55", after almost 7 years long with same sensor size? Yikes!) and its copycat brands.

          Don't get to "If YoU CaRe AbOut sEnsOr SiZe sO MuCh, wHy NoT UsInG dSlR?".

          Remember, if we talking about flagship, we're talking about best piece of hardware and software are on finesse. But, improving software on smartphones are easier than its hardware.

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            • 05 Dec 2018

            The 6T is totally overrated but my favorite mobile

              That oversaturated green on 6T is REALLY ANNOYING! It makes all the photos with some grass look artificial. Need to use gCam when taking a picture with any greenery.

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                • 05 Dec 2018

                Hoffmann, 02 Dec 2018Personally, I very much liked the 2016 generation of OnePlu... moreThis is true, but the 3T was on the edge of killing OP just because it was so much more expensive. Then the 5 rose to acompletely different price level and now the 6T costs as much as a S9

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                  • 05 Dec 2018

                  Jamesschwarz987, 03 Dec 2018Still, there's no one who uses larger sensor, other than So... moreWho cares about sensor size when Sony has one of the worst cameras in their price range?

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                    • 05 Dec 2018

                    Make a blind Test. and let audience decide if 3t is last of 3.

                      It makes me wonder if OnePlus realizes how many 3T's are still out here.

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                        • 04 Dec 2018

                        I use OP3T running Oreo Oxygen OS 5.0.1 with substratum theme support using swift black, looks awesome on OLED displays. Max screen on time I got was 6hrs 30 mins with average 5hrs screen on time.

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                          • 04 Dec 2018

                          I use Oneplus 3T and use GCam Apps for Camera aplication and the output is upgrade.
                          My OP3T could take potrait mode, night mode is better than original apps.

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                            • 04 Dec 2018

                            Hoffmann, 02 Dec 2018Personally, I very much liked the 2016 generation of OnePlu... moreIndeed. The 6T is totally overrated. The normal 6 is even better. At least it has an audio jack.

                              Still, there's no one who uses larger sensor, other than Sony and Huawei.

                                Anonymous, 01 Dec 20183T has better design And its more compact !!!
                                Which means you are getting a higher Screen to Body Ratio in real-world/practical use.

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                                  • 03 Dec 2018

                                  Anonymous, 02 Dec 2018That is why is cheap, it lacks stuff other have. I'd rat... moreIt is not cheap. Pocophone offers twice the stuff for half the cost.

                                  OnePlus was never cheap, it was merelymthe only one that westerners knew. Jiayu was the cheapest (per quality), then it was Leeco and lastly Xiaomi. OnePlus was often twice as expensive for often way less than those .

                                    As with most manufacturers, most of this is just garbage. Google has a great camera design on the Pixel, with ONE camera lens. But, most consumers play into the "more is better".
                                    More ram, more camera lenses, higher speed processors, more colors. Benchmarks, for the most part, are just more of the mine is better than yours argument that comes from a four year old. From around the 801 chip onward, save for power savings, SPEED is just worthless. Say you have two automobiles, one has a 6 cylinder engine and the other an 8 cylinder engine. The speed limit is say 70mph (112kph). Both are say capable of 120mph (193kph). What's the point? You can effectively use that extra speed. But I can open & close apps faster with a faster processor. OH WOW! You'll save 0.00000001 seconds per app! What a way to spend your money!
                                    Manufacturers have run out of innovative ideas because they are lazy. And why not?
                                    Why spend the R&D, when people continue to fall year after year for jazzy designs and slick marketing.
                                    None of even the most expensive smartphones on the markets today, have build costs (discounting advertising) over $400.00, but "demand" retail prices of $1,200 or more!
                                    Can't blame them if they can get away with it. At some point, you'd think consumers would wake up and smell the coffee burning, but, as long as they are willing to toss their money away, the manufacturers will continue to just increase the specs, which requires NO effort.

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                                      • 02 Dec 2018

                                      Intruder, 02 Dec 2018Why not capture a portrait using GCam for the 3T? Then you ... moreThis is an average consumer comparison. Very little percentage of users download and install GCam although it may seem popular on forums.

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                                        • 02 Dec 2018

                                        why can't you compare night shots with the same setting?
                                        the 5T is shot at ISO9600...of course is much noiser than the 6T ISO2500