OnePlus 6T vs. 5T vs. 3T

30 November 2018
The evolution of T - OnePlus' interim model for the fall that's neither quite the next generation, nor is it entirely the old one. It all started with the 3T, the T jokingly there to one-up Apple's S, and we're now a couple of Ts later at 6T.

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  • 02 Dec 2018

Shanti Dope, 02 Dec 2018These devices are so cheap! Makes me want to grab some T's... moreThat is why is cheap, it lacks stuff other have.

I'd rather pay more to get those stuff.... Amount of RAM and ROM are overrated these days..

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    • Hoffmann
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    • 02 Dec 2018

    Personally, I very much liked the 2016 generation of OnePlus 3/3T. The best devices from OnePlus.

      Why not capture a portrait using GCam for the 3T? Then you can make an even comparison with the 5,6Ts, insteas of simply stating that it lacks the ability.

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        • 02 Dec 2018

        3T has faulty rear camera when talking about autofocus (maybe in video samples its showing its faults?). Oneplus does change it without a charge, warranty stuff if you fast enough. two years is passing :)

        but overall 3T is amazing device, after 2 years, you can still live with it. Perfect performer and going to get android pie 9.0. No lags no slowing down.

        I am 3T owner and by any means im saying that 3T is better over 5T and 6T. They newer - they better i get it. But Im glad even in this comparison 3T does not look terible. even today if you try to buy ~300USD phone.

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          • 02 Dec 2018

          Most of the improvements are in software rather than hardware, namely multiple frame image stack and image stabilization.

          If you put ported Google camera on 3t and 5t they will look about the same and even comparable to 6t.

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            • 02 Dec 2018

            6T Secondary camera is uselss. They have to provide WIDE ANGLE or TELEPHOTO or MONOCHROME lens.
            OnePlus 7 would not dissappoint..

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              • 02 Dec 2018

              Hey GSMA, if you want to use that (dormant) secondary 20 MP sensor anytime, then there is a workaround for that. I've tried it on 5 and 5t. Not sure about 6t.

              Go to phone and dial *#*#1597#*#*

              It starts the cam app in developer mode.
              When you type the last * it will directly open the camera app with two red texts on viewfinder. One of them will be "Motion State: unknown(0) and another will be the "Lens:BACK (Dual) ()".

              Now, the Dual indicates that app is using both rear cams. If you double tap anywhere in viewfinder it will change the active camera to (Wide) i.e. 16 MP. If you double tap once again it will use selfie cam and double tapping again will use the (Tele) cam i.e. 20MP. This way you can use the 20MP cam anytime.

              However, this affects video recording. 4k videos can be captured only when the mode is (Dual). In tele and wide, the video resolution is restricted to 1080p with no EIS.

              Sad to note but the 20MP cam is also pretty useless even when used natively. And you can't use either wide or tele in pro mode. It switches automatically to "Dual".

              Closing and relaunching the app will open the regular cam app and not developer mode. You will need to enter the above code to launch the cam in dev mode.

                These devices are so cheap!
                Makes me want to grab some T's today ;))

                  The 5T is pretty disappointing, what a letdown - 3T daytime photos are better.

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                    • 02 Dec 2018

                    Those two guys taking selfies are hotties

                      OnePlus cameras have improved a lot as of late, and that's a good thing. It's still not quite in the league of the best camera phones, but for the price, it's really remarkable.

                      OnePlus does need to get rid of that useless secondary camera in favor of either a telephoto or wide-angle camera though...

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                        • RC255
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                        • 01 Dec 2018

                        You should do this sort of article more.

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                          • 01 Dec 2018

                          6 and 6T have usable camera.
                          All previous are crap.

                          In my opinion op6 has best EIS of 4K in 2018

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                            • 01 Dec 2018

                            3T has better design