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OnePlus 7T Pro

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  • Owo

Samsung a71, mi note 10, s10 lite or OnePlus 7t pro?
What would you buy?

should i get this phone this year or get the oneplus8 ? (the regular size, not the pro one)

  • LionMax

My Samsung Galaxy S8 and S9 have WiFi Sharing where I can share my WiFi connection as a hotspot instead of my mobile data.

Oneplus have this feature?

  • sapphiress

Mussq , 25 Apr 2020Whoever had one plus 7T Pro phone, Let me know abt one fea... moreThat would require 2 wifi radios. That will almost never be available.

  • Mussq

Whoever had one plus 7T Pro phone,
Let me know abt one feature of this phone.
When ur mobile is connected to a wi fi connection, in that case can u turn on hotspot in ur same mobile?
In some mobiles thus feature is there .
Plz let me know ???

Yo! I just bought this yesterday. I wanted a gaming non-gaming phone lol. However, it disappoints in that regard. The performance is lightning fast but OP software has issues. Especially the touch is laggy when playing games. I play CODM on this and when I was using 2+ fingers the touch response becomes delayed and floaty. Anyone else have this problem?

I wanna buy this but due to very high text of PTA in Pakistan I can't afford it. it become 33% more expensive as compare to it's orignal price. But the over all set is awesome

  • alex

jonathan lydiatt, 08 Apr 2020What’s the point when it won’t be supported for software up... moreI've had a 5t for more than 2 years and it's still being updated, what makes you say it won't be after 12 months?

  • jonathan lydiatt

What’s the point when it won’t be supported for software updates after 12 months. That’s why I stick to iPhones that are guaranteed to get at least 5/6 years of software updates

I bought the phone for it's notch-less and vivid screen display plus it's raw speed and it does not disappoint! The new warp charge 30T also is great to have and is the fastest that I have ever seen a phone charge up the battery plus the battery life on this phone is amazing! They have even managed to throw in a clear case in the box! Buy this phone if you think you deserve a top of the range smartphone but don't feel comfortable getting charged an arm and a leg by Huawei, Samsung or Apple and still want to keep up with the pace of daily demands that only a top-notch (no pun intended) smartphone can fulfill. Oneplus has by now years of experience developing smartphones so they don't have to do much marketing for me to buy another one of their devices. I have upgraded from a Oneplus 3 device and having already used OxygenOS, I felt right at home after having set up my phone and having my backups restored to the newer device. I just wish that Oneplus will become more internationally available but also understand that the big players like Samsung and Apple are pretty big bullies that can quickly undercut the marketing attempts of the smaller companies like Oneplus.

  • Tareq Hasan

mawil1013, 06 Apr 2020My Mclaren arrived one week ago, awesome battery life, 1.5 ... moreYes...I have 7T pro and by far the best , smoothest Android I ever had. Long time iPhone user, but will sell my iPhone 11 and stick to it. Awesome call quality and signal reception. And my iPhone 11 is crap in reception.

My Mclaren arrived one week ago, awesome battery life, 1.5 days easy! I've had no problems, running stock set up, camera night and close up are sweet as can be, two speakers kick butt loud, face pass works sift as light, screen finger print is great, I simply love this phone and it looks insanely good. 5G when I'm in 5G area is split second on web, but 4G is good too. I have Spectrum 200 wifi and get every bit of it.

  • Anonymous

payaso, 04 Mar 2020no sd ,no party no jack 3.5 ,no partywith 256gb ufs3.0 on board, why bother with sd?
no jack no party, then forget buying any flagships this year

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Mar 2020No 3.5mm jack or SD slot? See ya later!Plus no software updates.

Oneplus has given up.

  • asdg

Op7Tfan, 27 Mar 2020Did you noticed the calling bug? This is when you are calli... morethis is a long running Android bug

  • Pribil

GnuLinux, 28 Mar 2020LG V60 and Sony Experia 1 II. Note 10, note 9

  • GnuLinux

Yuz, 25 Mar 2020What good phone still have the 3,5mm jack?LG V60 and Sony Experia 1 II.

  • Op7Tfan

Abdullah yahya, 23 Mar 2020This is the best phone I've ever used in terms of camera, b... moreDid you noticed the calling bug? This is when you are calling and the phone is on your ear, the phone just randomly activates. So the screen just turns on even though your phone is on your ear.

The software is not precise on reading if the phone is on your ear or not. Mr mobile (YouTube) addresses this strange bug also. I hope it will be gone with an update

  • Yuz

coyz, 24 Mar 2020If only 1+ did not remove the 3.5 jack, i could have bought... moreWhat good phone still have the 3,5mm jack?

  • coyz

If only 1+ did not remove the 3.5 jack, i could have bought this. Just don't like a phone w/o jack.