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Where is the beautiful blue color option?
Why pro one gets a better color, what kinda selling strategy?

  • fritz

Universe, 31 Mar 2020btw the pro version has IP68 rating so better go for it. really?
can you please point with finger, where in spec is it written.
should be very small font...

  • alemaooo83

no 256gb/12gb black version. the only good looking color imho. fail! (at least that is what the website shows)
which is a shame. my 6T is a fantastic phone. looking forward to replace it with a new oneplus phone. but i want the black phone with top specs.

  • Lawrence

Is one plus 8 is curved display ??

  • Anonymous

Sadly in Malaysia or many other countries one plus has absolutely no stores, or service centres, not even known of except from Internet.

  • Daniel Chiu

A 2MP macro lens? That's too shameful for a flagship phone. Why do manufacturers insist on putting such a useless camera sensor? I'd rather have a 8MP 2x zoom lens than a mere 2MP macro lens. And Oneplus had the solution for a high megapixel macro solution (7T).

  • OnePlus fan

Pricing point of view, it will not be widely good buying option for middle man. Where the most of the phone sell happens. Look at pocophone F1 it has recordbreak sell and evryone using it and loves it. OnePlus shouldn't have gone into the premium segment in which samsung and iphone resides which will ultimately loose most business. 60k for indian market is huge value and compared to OnePlus 7T also. People will look out for better options than OnePlus.
Good Luck OnePlus for future endeavours...

  • Sonu

I wish it should have main camera as IMX689 instead of IMX586 and a telephoto instead of macro lens as rumoured.
90hz refresh and 30W charging is still very practical. But it's price above 45K is not good man. I mean it's price should be between 40K-45K

  • Anonymous

Camera is downgrade from OnePlus 7T

  • Macroni

I hope this time they will put a telephoto lens on this 8 model (not pro) or I will bypass OP for another 6 months again

  • eras

Main camera will be imx586, disappointing :)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Apr 2020hope this isnt more than 800 bucks699 to 799 depending on storage for OnePlus 8, 899 to 999 for Pro version

  • Anonymous

hope this isnt more than 800 bucks

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 30 Mar 2020+1 I won't buy phones without IP68.I will

  • Anonymous

Arun, 31 Mar 20202MP macro might work as depth sensor I think. Not only for ... moreprobably

Animesh, 31 Mar 2020Why on earth no telephoto camera.. why macro, why oneplus whyhey , check Oneplus 8 pro, this one is just oneplus 8. Zzz

  • Animesh

Why on earth no telephoto camera.. why macro, why oneplus why

  • Arun

Abhijeet Bhadre, 31 Mar 2020Add depth sensor for more accurate portrait images.2MP macro might work as depth sensor I think. Not only for mcro shots.

BruceWayne00, 31 Mar 2020Please put 16MP ultrawide instead of poor 8MP. I don't mind... moreAdd depth sensor for more accurate portrait images.

  • Anonymous

Gandalf, 30 Mar 2020I'm calling it now, the starting price will be 600€ next y... moreI can't see it being more than £650. Mi 10 has better cameras and wireless charging, and will be £700 in UK. Hopefully it will be £600.