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OnePlus 9 Pro

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OnePlus years ago was the killer of expensive phones on the market with high performance compared to the price. Day by day, his mind turned to the camera and unfortunately it lost its previous position. Oxygen is becoming more and more similar to Samsung from pure Android. Lost. Hardware capabilities are like most phones on the market, not special. The price has gone up sharply. In my opinion, Samsung and its cooperation are dismantling OnePlus. Rather than using OnePlus, it imitated Samsung's oxygen user interface and upgraded its own One interface.

They've more than tripled their prices.

  • Anonymous

The photo quality is overall better than the last version and wider, but the noise is absolutely terrible here. I can see it without zooming in... especially in low light shots.

The only thing that stands out in comparison to the competition is the ultrawide shots, which are really good!

  • Lama ji

This is the phone that i want 😊😊😊πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

  • Nishad

OMG! The one of the greatest ever!


Look at the price man

notafanboy, 23 Mar 2021No periscope is really bad... 3x zoom should be on the 9 No... moreit does not matter cus the photos are worse than last years 8 pro which sucks

beep bop boop, 23 Mar 2021never expect 4K front facing video on flagships from Chines... moreWith the only exception Vivo X60 Pro+, which is probably a China exclusive phone.

Even this phone lags behind the competition in cameras. OnePlus 9 lineup so far is worse than last years OP8 lineup. lets hope 9R can lift our spirits.

  • Azam

Great phone from oneplusπŸ‘

  • RONY

2 mp macro.

Pre-ordered in black, 12/256go, I hope it's gonna be good

  • Argha

Beast. Okay

Mobilemaster, 23 Mar 2021It is good to see the green color back, and silver color is... morenever expect 4K front facing video on flagships from Chinese OEM's (other than Huawei)...

  • Atnym

Depth sensor in flagship lol

  • Penls

Me like onpluse very good πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

[deleted post]same

One does simply not buy oneplus for the camera.

First comment.

A bit disappointed on this. Not much of an upgrade.

The selfie cam and battery are really disappointing considering the hype .

  • Anonymous

Why use to small battery. we want a bigger battery, again missing SD card, audio jack. Sorry, I will not buy this technological garbage.