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OnePlus 9 Pro

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  • Biondo

Every single thing in this phone is perfect except for the glass. They used gorilla glass 5 on a 2021 flagship, nonsense. If my phone falls i need to be sure it's not going to have a cracked screen since nowadays a display with a fingerprint scanner costs 1/4 of the phone's price. Like come on they could've put the gorilla glass victus there

Why the hell OnePlus doesn't launch Pro versions with flat screen?
What in the name of god makes the manufactures create these damned awful annoying curved screens...?!
So we get the regular version with the flat screen but unfortunately it doesn't support water and dust resistance.
I'm very disappointed!

  • Anonymous

It's a disappointment

  • Max

No microSD card slot? This is a huge deal breaker, otherwise I'd buy this phone. 256Gb is by far not enough storage space. Starting from 512 I'd say no card slot needed.

  • anon

I do not understand why they have not released the 12gb version of the PRO in MORNING MIST COLOR... SERIOUSLY!? For such an expensive phone customers must have all options of colours

Disappoint battery life for flagship, minimum >= 100hrs

dawi, 23 Mar 2021I want 9pro flat not curved 🤔yes, but its only barely curved now.

  • Somebody

Not too bad but prefer to see and Xiaomi mi 11 Ultra .. now all phones giving the same specs and design .. just the name is different and the brand as well. I hope that I wil find a phone without these wholes on the screen for selfie camera. Now I am with OnePlus 7 Pro.

dawi, 23 Mar 2021I want 9pro flat not curved 🤔Me too. I'm glad for this upgrade anyway

AlexP, 23 Mar 2021It's less curved than OP8ProI want 9pro flat not curved 🤔

  • AnonD-940827

One does simply not buy oneplus for the camera.

Fragile edged screen.

Not much of an upgrade.!

Enjoy the lack of stable updates too, when a new model comes next year.

  • Anonymous

Great screen
Elegant software
Fast charging

Camera can overprocess images
Digital zoom is weak
No 5G on AT&T, awaiting Verizon 5G certification
Wi-Fi : 6e

  • Anonymous

Not supported Wi-Fi : ax 6 e. Bad point.

  • AnonD-940827

One does simply not buy oneplus for the camera.!

Horrible edged screen gives less protection and much more fragile.

Actually not much of an upgrade.!

dawi, 23 Mar 2021Why 9pro is curved why 🤬It's less curved than OP8Pro

  • Sharif Golam Rabbi

What About Touch Sensitivity Rate And Display Latency Of OnePlus 9 Pro ???


Except 5nm SD processor, Oneplus 8 pro 12/256 is same in one way & superior in another way ( battery/screen size)
If eSim were there, GAME was almost infavour of 1+ 9 pro..

  • Sharif Golam Rabbi

Which Version Of Corning Gorilla Glass Does OnePlus 9 Pro Have ??? Is it Corning Gorilla Glass 6 Or 7 Or Victus ???

Why 9pro is curved why 🤬

  • Anonymous

What makes it Pro? Do you get an opaque sticker to cover up the Hasselblad name out of embarrassment? Best to wait for the Xiaomi phones next week.