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  • Kunal

Hey friend

Am confuse for Samsung galaxy note 10 lite and oneplus nord buy. Which phone the best use to long term

  • Sst

Usb 2.0 premium midrange
Ufs 2.1 premium midrange

  • Anonymous

flash, 08 Aug 2020Should I consider OnePlus Nord? I have mi A1 and I need an ... moreAlmost any phone $200 or more is going to be better than the Mi A1, sure you want to push it up to $400? For example, the realme X2 is very similar to this nord except no 5G and No 90Hz, same size, same amoled screen, similar battery, snapdragon chipset, and that will be a little over $200, survived a bend test and drop tests unlike the nord which survived neither.

I just think the nord doesn't offer great value for what is offered and it has poor durability, no headphone jack, camera is not great, I guess oneplus needs to try harder on their cheap phone line.

  • Pralhad

Facing issue with the battery...

  • paulievee

When I saw the OnePlus unveil of the Nord phone video they said it would be under $400!!! I can already see the phone on Amazon for $750 plus,,,
prices are ranging between 500 and $700 so why not just go to eBay and buy and brand new sealed in box OnePlus 8 for $700 and change. It always seems to happen. And to the average consumer they think its the best new model from oneplus! It's not fair for them.

  • Anonymous

This was OnePlus' chance and they blew it. They should've saved the money on marketing and spent it on better build quality and display. Cheap plastic frame that breaks under stress, and a cheap panel that has rainbow banding and tint at low brightness.

  • sdr

oneplus 8 user , 02 Aug 2020go for a samsung s10 or s10 lite...screen is not soo optimi... mores10 is poor battery life.

why OnePlus Nord doesnt have minimum 5000 mAH battery ?

Anonymous, 08 Jun 2020IP68?No , but in JerryRigEverything's teardown test, there we're a lot of rubberized holes to not let water in the phono

flash, 08 Aug 2020Should I consider OnePlus Nord? I have mi A1 and I need an ... moreI would say this is a pretty good choice

Evan, 08 Aug 2020No one is about the structural integrity of A51 because it ... moreYeah , One UI is a quite a deal breaker for me, exynos's aren't known as the most efficient SOC's in the world and it has a bit better cameras. If we are talking about resistant's , well, well, well, that plastic back is going to scratch pretty badly , not like a glass one and JerryRigEverything's video on the Nord at the, now, infamous bend test, he bended really, really, hardly , that is surely not going to happen all the time.

  • Anonymous

flash, 08 Aug 2020Should I consider OnePlus Nord? I have mi A1 and I need an ... moreSure you can. It's a nice phone for the price.

  • flash

Should I consider OnePlus Nord? I have mi A1 and I need an upgrade from that one.

  • Evan

Anonymous, 07 Aug 2020To everyone complaining about the headphone jack, I got the... moreNo one is about the structural integrity of A51 because it does NOT break ( , ) whereas the Nord BREAKS ( ).
So, there you have it, Samsung made a completely plastic phone cheaper than Nord it didn't break but the Nord did. Samsung has now even launched the updated A51 5G (with Exynos 980 5G = 765 5G) with an aluminium frame & plastic break, so there is 0 worry now, for the same price as Nord.

Personally, when you are giving around $ 450 (₮399), I'd suggest add $100-150 more & wait for 20 days to get the Asus Zenfone 7 with Snapdragon 865, 12 GB RAM, 5000 mAh battery & clean UI with stock Android.

Anonymous, 08 Aug 2020I am not roshan. And google already proved it that they don... moreThanks for the information. Let's anticipate a better future.

Anonymous, 07 Aug 2020A51 is garbage compared to the Nord. If you want to wait 10... moreI'm very pro of what are you saying and that guy also said : "has better screen that the Nord and it's more battery efficient", well, well, well ....... bad 4u cause oxygen OS is wayy better than One UI

ThePhoneGuy, 07 Aug 2020Good for you! For me the 1+ Nord is about 120 dollars less ... moreAnd i didin't know the the phone was called the Nerd

  • Anonymous

Subramanian CN, 07 Aug 2020Hope you are Roshan. Thanks. Finally you got the answer. If... moreI am not roshan. And google already proved it that they don't need a better processor or camera sensor to get great phones out of their device. A phone having 12mp or 48mp or 64mp has nothing to do with gcam mode being able to produce better results. Coz it's simply google's own software with having a department full of people working on it. The 1st developer BSG who ported this gcam for his own mi 8 having almost same 12mp camera couldn't get the same results coz that is not possible. Gcam also need alot of system file,libs to perform on a device which no other manufacturer could have as google develops that os for it's own devices. In real life performance both 730g and 765g neck and neck. 765g just has and 5g modem. Google didn't put it inside 4a coz they wants to earn more money and as it's rumored that pixel 5 will also have 765g chip so their is no point for them to put it inside 4a.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Aug 2020I didn't see it being advertised as a gaming phone tho... moreEveryone can't buy an Asus Rog phone for gaming. Majority of people look for an allrounder phone at a pocket friendly price. Not having an 3.5mm jack doesn't make this phone any less than a phone having 3.5mm jack at the same price.

  • Maddy

Only one 5g bandwidth in India 🙄

Anonymous, 08 Aug 2020There always seems to be a dealbreaker with phones these da... moreDisplay issues like discoloration are all related to the Image processor i.e., the Graphics processor of the device. In short, to my belief, the Graphics processor of 765G falls short. Quality of the R & D team of the manufacturer decides the quality of the product.

There is nothing called the best product. Everything in this world has some drawbacks. If you want only the best, you can't be happy at any point of time. We have to adapt. There is no other go.