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OnePlus Nord

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  • jatin garg

its the oppo reno 4 (5g) with diffrent camera placement and no 3.5 mm jack , it will be pciced same around $499 as per oneplus ceo Pete Lao , i was very disappointed after watch video and it will be not around $299 (22800 INR) . it will complete the iphone SE 2020 and samsung's lite series

  • Supernova20

Bulbul hassan, 29 Jun 2020First time oneplus heart me bcz how shame one plus z or nor... moreI don't mind a Oppo Reno 4 Pro 5G rebranded as a OnePlus device under 25k. But not the Oppo Reno 4 5G, coz that dual punch hole is kinda intimidating!

  • Ralph

So much for the hype, this will cost around $499, I was expecting it to be $300, but yeah, i forgot that it is Oneplus. Would buy a oneplus 8 or wait for other phones. Disappointed.

  • popo

Anonymous, 01 Jul 2020How do people preorder a device without knowing its spec 🤔🤔... morehaha its really funny specs price..

  • Septone

Holy crap, OnePlus is announcing a true midrange-level smartphone at a decent price? Holy moly. Count me in!

limecheesecake, 01 Jul 2020The Oppo Reno 4 is already an existing phone.Yes these time oneplus are copycat

Back panel design is looking ugly oneplus nord shame on oneplus rectangular module is looking gorgeous the previous leak

Akshow, 01 Jul 2020It coud be renamed oppo reno 4The Oppo Reno 4 is already an existing phone.

  • Akshow

It coud be renamed oppo reno 4

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Jul 2020Is 12 gb is available in this Phone???No, it's a 765 5g chipset, you typically see 12gb on gaming phones

  • Latti

Spend 6 months, many discussions and meetings as shown in the documentary just to rename a oppo phone ?

  • Anonymous

How do people preorder a device without knowing its spec 🤔🤔🤔

OnePlus Nord preorder has been sold-out, but no specs iis known 😂

  • Zak

Shadi Radaideh, 30 Jun 2020i think its gonna be 400 euro or more not 290If it support 5G network then definitely more than 300 Euro... If not then it could be

  • Warren

Band support? in HK N77 - N79, so oneplus 8 is not an option? this one?

  • Anonymous

Maybe Indian money ₹20000/22000 and that can be affordable . If possible lower than this

  • John

shakedown, 30 Jun 2020no wireless charging ?Mate, it's a 300 dollars phone and you want wireless charging?

  • Anonymous

Is 12 gb is available in this Phone???

  • Camerafan

Sooo big

  • not anonymous

6.55" too big?? Are we still in 2012? There is always the 2020 iPhone SE if you want to squint while trying to read anything. Or you may dig the terrible battery life and crummy out of the box charging speeds?? Sounds like a typical Apple experience to me but it might be exactly what you are looking for!

Don't think it'll be as fast as a OP7 or 7pro and for $500 US? Pass.
I'll have 2 more phones before 5G becomes a daily reality, if it doesn't get shoved aside by more pandemic fears.