Oppo A94

Oppo A94

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  • Anonymous

Poor chipset. Too many issues.

  • Anonymous

The display is good but I don't recommend this for its camera because it's too grainy when you capture images in low light plus you're not capturing images with what you see. It's AI makes the picture super vivid. Also, I've encountered various problems with this unit. The screen response becomes after every hour. When I watch downloaded movies from netfix or other online videos, the screen becomes laggy. The video itself is delayed than the audio. When I watch videos on facebook, although I already closed the app, I could still here the audio. When I am typing with the keyboard, It automatically exits. It was replaced with the same unit but I've experienced the same. Now, I am going to replace it with other unit because I am dissatisfied with this phone.

fcb, 03 Apr 2021i am planning to buy A94, is it good for camera & batte... moreRedmi Note 10 Pro is better than this given the pricepoint.

  • fcb

i am planning to buy A94, is it good for camera & battery back up. Compare with Nord N10 which is better? i am confused, please help me.

  • Anonymous

Unit i bought automatically logged. Replaced with new but still the problem exist. Waiting for the sellers prompt action

  • kurt

antutubench version 8.4.9........oppo a94 result 213,678 auto brightness off...50 percent brigthness.......oppo a94 screen on time 11hrs

  • ching..

I bought it yesterday.I love the camera.it has good quality of picture.Theres a lot of feature..And its an amoled.love love it..

  • Lol

Hasan 85, 18 Mar 2021Will helio p95 12nm sufficient for midrange in 2021? If you're not playing games that much then it's ok but if you're heavy on games then no I definitely don't recommend this processor

  • JD

It seems A94 is not yet in Nigeria.I will like to get one.Its specification shows great features in the phone.

  • Anonymous

Does anyone already bought it? Opinion about camera? Is this phone good enough to take great photo?

Excellent Smartphone, thanks Oppo !

Will helio p95 12nm sufficient for midrange in 2021?

  • Escalader

Bought it last week, overall a good phone..

No major issues in a week use..good battery backup and charging. Great Display camera quality and features of AI.

Audio is not up to mark..the speaker volume in call is not up to mark. Non availability of cases - even basic ones as it is a new model

its a rebranded F19 pro with a 32mp front camera. why do they keep rebranding? just sell it under the same name everywhere, its not that hard

  • chriz

srsly what the heck p95? same as reno3 pro

  • peepee

memory expandable upto ? 1 tb right ?

P95 why?

  • Danzo-sama

NIZAM , 04 Mar 2021Best phone 👌👌👌What are you smoking?


Best phone 👌👌👌