Oppo F3 and F3 Plus ads spotted in the Philippines

Victor, 06 March 2017

Oppo didn't announce an actual handset at the MWC, showcasing an interesting 5x zoom camera instead. You can read more about it in our hands-on review, however, it is still some way away from appearing on an actual product.

In the meantime, Oppo is continuing on its other endeavors, including the "selfie expert" F series of smartphones. It appears an F3 and F3 Plus pair or devices is already in the works, as evident from a pair of ads, recently spotted in the Philippines. This is a welcome sight, since the company can't keep refreshing last year's F1s with new paint jobs forever.

As far as ads go, this one is actually quite informative. Besides the two phone monikers and the "Selfie expert" slogan, it also clearly states "Dual Selfie Camera". Now, the lack of plural here, could suggest that only one of the phones has the feature - probably the F3 Plus, in such a scenario. However, we might be reading too much into this. Sadly, there is still no other info on the pair of new devices.

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iPhone is not an android device

  • Anonymous

Honestly, I'd choose Stock Android over Color OS anyday. Didn't Oppo offer a stock android option in their smartphones a few years back?

  • Anonymous

This coming from a guy claiming iphone as android.-_- You obviously have zero knowledge about smartphone.

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