Oppo Find N long-term review

GSMArena Team, 2 May 2022.


Ah, foldables. The dream of the folding-screen smartphone has been around for more years than we can count, and for a long time, it seemed to be the mobile world's nuclear fusion - constantly 'just around the corner', never actually materializing. That all changed a few short years ago, and Samsung's already on the third generation of its folding devices. The story goes that there have been a lot of improvements and so - maybe the foldable revolution is finally upon us?

We decided to find out by putting the Oppo Find N through the process of a long-term review. We've played with it for a few months, and have used it as our one and only smartphone during that time. Inevitably with normal reviews, there are time constraints left and right, but there were none here. So we had plenty of time to get to know the Find N and live with its quirks and features. And now we feel like we have gotten to a point where we can share our experience of using this intriguing foldable device day-in, day-out, with all of the good parts and the not-so-good parts this has entailed.

Oppo Find N long-term review

This one seems to be one of the best foldables yet, if not the best, with its zero-gap folding and especially the dimensions. It's a breath of fresh air that sits neatly in between Samsung's Fold and Flip lines in size, which should mean it's both easier to use than the Folds and has much more screen real estate than the Flips. So - best of both worlds then?

Oppo Find N long-term review

Join us over the next few pages as we find out. An important note goes here: the Find N isn't currently available internationally through official channels, and it looks like that may forever be the case. Our review unit is meant for the Chinese market. As such, there are a ton of hardware (specifically in 5G and 4G support) and software differences compared to what you'd get in a theoretical global model. We don't think most people should go through the trouble of importing one of these, but we were excited enough about it that we couldn't just ignore it either. With that in mind, let's dive into what makes the Oppo Find N tick.

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  • 17 Jun 2022
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Truly appreciate you taking

You can buy this on AliExpress and pay an extra $24 for fast DHL shipping. It's a great phone, helped my friend order one. I fooled round with it and it's gorgeous. The software is great, and the phone performs so well. A near invisible ...

I wouldn't buy it If I were you. This phone does not support sending or recieving group or picture text in the U.S. I called Oppo and they couldn't help.