Oppo Find X2 review

GSMArena team, 6 May 2020.


The Find X2 doesn't exactly have a standout design in that it's a fairly standard premium handset that adheres to the trends of the time. But that's just to get us started here.

Oppo Find X2 review

It's got a few subtle touches of its own like the herringbone pattern on back panel that is also one of those ever changing gradients that can be hard to put a name on. Well, ours is called Ocean, which is about right.

There's only a single other color option, and that one is Black. It's not just the color that is different, but also the material - the Black's back panel is ceramic, as opposed to the glass one of the Ocean. The ceramic has a two-tone effect with a fine pattern for some ¾ of the back and a smooth 1/4, the border between them aligned with the spec strip in the camera cluster.

Oppo Find X2 review

There's no Vegan Leather variant like the one you'd find on the Pro model, but then again you can't have the Pro with a glass back, so here's one way in which the vanilla X2's Ocean is exclusive.

Oppo Find X2 reviewVegan Leather Find X2 Pro on the left, glass-backed Find X2 on the right

Since we're on the topic of comparisons, the Find X2 in glass trim we have here is tangibly thinner than our Vegan Leather Find X2 Pro - the 1.5mm difference between 8mm and 9.5mm is easily felt. Then again, the ceramic Pro is thinner at 8.8, so it'll be less of a consideration. The footprint is virtual identical on the two.

Oppo Find X2 reviewThe Find X2 (right) and the Find X2 Pro look virtually identical from the front

The weight is different, and after a misstep on Oppo's part with the numbers announced at launch, it's settled on a 192g for a glass Find X2 and 209g for a ceramic one, as opposed to 200g for a leather X2 Pro and 217g for a ceramic one. None of them is really light, but the Ocean Find X2 is the lightest of the bunch, for what that's worth. It's manageable, but if you have a gentler pinky and tend to hold your phone resting on it for long stretches of time, you can expect some pain. As with all phones of this size, really.

Oppo Find X2 review

Sadly, one feature the Find X2 Pro has, but the non-Pro doesn't get is the IP68 rating. The lesser phone is only IP54 rated, meaning it may get some dust inside, but it won't affect its performance, while water resistance is limited to splashes - so light rain is probably fine, submersion - definitely not.

Oppo Find X2 review

Pro or not, the Find X2 has an aluminum frame in a color to match its back panel. On its right side is the power button with a signature green accent inside it - all colorways have it. The volume buttons, separate ones, are directly opposite, on the left side. All three hardware controls are metal as well, they're well positioned and sized, and click nicely.

Power button - Oppo Find X2 review Volume controls - Oppo Find X2 review
Power button • Volume controls

Down on the bottom is where Oppo placed the SIM card slot and it's SIM-only - it will take a couple of nanoSIMs, but no microSD. Right next to it is the primary mic pinhole in a moderately precarious position for being poked with a SIM eject tool. Typically, the pinhole is just the inlet, though, while the actual mic is at an angle, so it should be safe, maybe.

The USB-C port is in the middle of the gently concave bottom, while the primary loudspeaker is behind a three-slot grille to the right. There's another mic on the top of the phone and that's all.

A bunch of stuff on the bottom - Oppo Find X2 review Secondary mic up top - Oppo Find X2 review
A bunch of stuff on the bottom • Secondary mic up top

The display side greets you with a high-end thin-bezelled curved-edged Super AMOLED with a single bothersome bit about it, if only slightly so - there's a punch hole in the top left corner. Because of the curves, the camera had to be offset a little towards the inside, so you end up with more wasted status bar space - not ideal, but hardly classifying as an 'issue'.

Oppo Find X2 review

Oppo found room on the top to fit a bigger driver to serve as a loudspeaker as well as an earpiece and it's behind a metal mesh. If you shine a flashlight right next to the earpiece, you'll also see the proximity and ambient light sensor window.

Oppo Find X2 review

Overall, we're liking the design of the Oppo Find X2. The choice of materials and finishes makes for a premium look and feel and the controls are functional. The heft is there, but it's part of the tradeoff for having a big display and a large capacity battery. If only Oppo had made the effort for an IP68 rating.

Oppo Find X2 review

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