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  • Ch.walid
  • CDA
  • 21 Apr 2024

I have it there is for three years ago all was good many good updates two was android and interface upgraded until the last update for march security update it has arrived to my device the last Friday 19 April 2024 I remarked clearly that the battery drained fastly than before I don't know what to do to fix it???

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    • TecloverNL
    • A03
    • 05 Mar 2024

    Anonymous, 21 Dec 2023How good is the front camera?The cameras on this phone are actually pretty good , frontcamera had good specs to begin with. The Facial recognition is better(lower light, faster, but still reliable)on my Find X2 neo, then it is on my newer Realms GT For example

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      • TecloverNL
      • A03
      • 05 Mar 2024

      I owne the Find X2 neo for 3 .5 years. And despite getting a new phone about 1.5 years ago. I still use the Oppo as my daily driver. I miss the headphone jack, however my phone still looks and feels like a premium device. I have never encountered an App it couldn't/can't handle. I particularly like the aspect ratio of the screen, that ,in combination with the curved edge enables me to use the phone with one hand , when I need to. Oh and It is still getting updates , and runs the latest android version.

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        • Anonymous
        • r3c
        • 21 Dec 2023

        BrisAl88, 15 Dec 2023Had for over 2 years and still going great as at December 2... moreHow good is the front camera?

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          • BrisAl88
          • u44
          • 15 Dec 2023

          Had for over 2 years and still going great as at December 2023. Goes to show if you get ample ram the phone will last for a long time. On android 12. Battery life starting to reduce now. Probably get about 7 hours of use compared to a whole day when new. Always pick a phone with at least 12gb ram. Don't worry about how many MP are on the camera. That is just a gimmick. More pixels is actually bad for low light shots. Turn off ai processing for cleanest shots.

            Has been using this for 3 years. And surprisingly still good in late 2023.
            I'm using this phone as my secondary device and always using 90hz with battery safe aod, the screen still clean and has no issue. Just the statusbar is slightly burn in when in white screen (and you need super focus on top of the screen to see it), well it's common on amoled after all.

            The performance still good for daily, if you using this 3yo device in 2023 as main device, you'll noticed the battery backup isn't good. It may decreased from 4k to 3k mAh after three years.
            Also the battery is slightly draining overnight if your device is connected to WiFi during sleep.

            Just sometimes my phone vibration is can't vibrate and won't vibrate again when typing, but after some times it works. Maybe it was a bug since someone facing same problem like me in same device. But there's no longer have update and i have to live with this annoying bug.

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              • Dunlop
              • MCC
              • 23 May 2022

              These phones are good but not when u break your screen they cost a lot over 200pounds which isn't really worth it as the phones about 600 hundred pounds. I would never ever buy another oppo find neo

                Tek, 20 Jan 2022Guys Will this device get android 12??? Or just android 11..Yes a buggy Android 12 is in the works & you'll never be able to rollback. Performance will drastically drop & that's how Opoo kills old phones. Just wait for that last devorce update from Opoo soon mate the 2 years of software support is coming to an end soon

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                  • Sven NL
                  • nB7
                  • 08 Mar 2022

                  Im using this phone for 1.5 years and it held up great, it doesn't get hot, get regular updates, and does everything i need it to do, fast and without hesitation.
                  While it Still looks like new.

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                    • Tek
                    • nIx
                    • 20 Jan 2022


                    Will this device get android 12??? Or just android 11..

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                      • Viktor
                      • B}L
                      • 08 Jan 2022

                      MisterOptimal , 26 Aug 2021Hi, I purchased the Find x2 Neo recently and it is very a ... moreI have the same problem. No fix yet

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                        • Tgs
                        • nGK
                        • 20 Dec 2021

                        This midrange phone is superb !
                        I had swap my s10+ and add a little bit of cash for this phone. Basically, im only after on the 5g and 90 hz which is missing on my s10+, but after using this for almost a week just found that this phone has plenty of feature which i was surprised..
                        The budget and a bang for a buck !

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                          • MisterOptimal
                          • mx3
                          • 26 Aug 2021

                          Hi, I purchased the Find x2 Neo recently and it is very a good Phone. One problem is that the Google voice assistant doesn't work when the screen is off. Does anyone know how to get it working. Thanks.

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                            • Anonymous
                            • w9{
                            • 26 Jul 2021

                            oppo x2 neo was great when i first got it, went down hill from there. its 6 monts old.
                            first month charged it every 2 days, now every day.
                            tap screen only works sometimes power and volume buttons temperamental.
                            screen goes black while using and dosent respond have to restart it.
                            impossible to get into recovery mode start and volume down buttons dont do anything.
                            customer service is useless.
                            my view dont waste your money... i phone looking better every day

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                              • iownlotsofphones
                              • m5p
                              • 10 Jul 2021

                              Haxsta, 28 Feb 2021I've just got this phone and it's very good. But ... moreI've been getting 90hz all the time even in gaming (Call of Duty Mobile, PUBG, etc).

                                Dzee, 25 Jun 2021Why do you have a need to lie and write about something you... morehuh?

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                                  • Dzee
                                  • nUk
                                  • 25 Jun 2021

                                  joe nodden, 03 Jun 20211) I'm not arguing with you on the topic of speed anym... moreWhy do you have a need to lie and write about something you don't know nothing about? Why? Lg is giving up on their mobile phones division, and for a reason. And yet, you wont see any comments about lg's being sh*t. At their time, lg was good. More than good. And you are, well you know... Go get a help.

                                    joe nodden, 03 Jun 20211) I'm not arguing with you on the topic of speed anym... moreOh and btw $620 is no longer flagship pricing these days. Look at Xiaomis 11 ultra, Samsung's S21 ultra, etc. flagships are now pricing out at or over a grand wich is crazy but it is what it is but considering those prices it's safe to say $600 is the new mid-range price for some companies, sad to say really. But if you look hard enough and do your due diligence anyone can find a smartphone that's going to fit their budget and not be garbage. You want garbage pick out one of the wish.com phones or the no name AliExpress phones they offer for 100 bucks or less, now that's some garbage lol

                                      joe nodden, 03 Jun 20211) I'm not arguing with you on the topic of speed anym... moreI bought these because I test and review certain phones, I own a flagship as my true daily driver, the OnePlus 8, and I know most places charge that much for the Neo but I didn't pay that, I barely paid $400 for the Neo and even less for the Xiaomi. Now let me ask you again, do you own either or both of these phones? Have you tested them for longer than a day? Cuz I have, it's what I do and yeah the Xiaomi isn't the best phone by no means but it's far from garbage, it's perfectly fine for it's price point and so is the Neo, if your paying around $600 or finding the Neo at that price point then you're really not looking, for what these phones offer they aren't bad at all especially the Neo. I've had some issues with slowness and some lag on the Xiaomi but nothing terrible, I would recommend these phones any day if you find them at the price point I found them at and it's not hard just branch out a little. Also did you ever consider your phones service might have a little something to do with your bad experience? It happens all the time.

                                        G1ORG1, 23 May 2021Hello Any news about the new ColotrOS 11 update for Global NEO 2I'm in the states and mine updated to Android 11, Color OS 11 about a week or two ago