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Oppo Find X2 Neo

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  • Royal

Its 419 euros in Spain, is that a good price or should I get a OnePlus Nord for 390 euros (although its 8gb 128gb)

  • Anonymous

Milos Obilic, 19 Dec 2020Please help me make an informed decision. I can get Xiaomi ... moreWhere did you find this deal? I'm guessing you're from Serbia, I'm pretty close too ;).

  • Anonymous

gpac10, 16 Nov 2020i brought one last week and i must say at the price (£439) ... more440gbp is budget? Daaaamnnnnnnn

  • Anonymous

Milos Obilic, 19 Dec 2020Please help me make an informed decision. I can get Xiaomi ... moreI took the Find X2 Neo+Enco X (369€ for me).
If you don't need the Enco X I think it would be easy to resell at more than 100€

Please help me make an informed decision. I can get Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite 5G 128gb for 200€, Google Pixel 4A 128gb for 300€ and Oppo Find X2 Neo 256gb (with Oppo Enco X earbuds) for 350€. All brand new. Which is the best value for money? Thanks.

  • gpac10

i brought one last week and i must say at the price (£439) this is a really good phone 12gb ram 256 storage, screen nice and crisp the pictures are i think better than my sons s20. Best budget phone ive brought for work.

  • G

Bob, 13 Nov 2020Does it matter which colour you go for regarding the Oppo F... moreI own a black one, that's sure fingerprint magnet, the lighter color is better from this side of view. But, the black blueish metal shining is worth the time of some wiping!!! :)

  • Bob

Does it matter which colour you go for regarding the Oppo Find X2 Neo in terms of hiding fingerprints as i read the back is a classic fingerprint magnet design

  • jojohadavanny

Noddy, who hates this phone. Could you tell us which phones are better in the same price range and give us the actual stats. I think I'll decide not to buy it if you can give me some substance instead of blabble.

So, I'm a phone geek and change phone once or twice a year. I've had the ROG phone 2, the Pixel 3 XL, S8+, Pocofone F1, Mate 10 Pro, etc. This phone is one of the most complete packages for the price. I got it for 850 AUD, which is 611 USD. 90hz works great, phone is snappy and almost never lags (only time Ive had issues is if I'm doing picture in picture and playing a game at the same time which is asking a bit much sometimes haha). The one thing that surprised me was how light it is. It feels surprisingly light and the curves make it feel so thin, and the curves dont cause me issues like it did with my S8+. Battery is great and so are speakers (not as good as the ROG Phone 2, but that phone was way too chunky).

  • Ravens

Got the phone for my daughter. Long story short I ended up buying her an iphone 8, and was heaps better. Yes a descent case is hard to get. I found the blue tooth not so good. Keeps cutting out for my head phones when in my pocket. Had trouble with the volume as well. Also had a great deal of trouble connecting it to my spark amp. Dont like the interface. It wont allow you to group icons in the apps section. Went back to my trusty samsung s9 and will upgrade that later to a newer samsung. Buyer beware. Just sitting around the house like a brick now.

I bought this phone in Australia for $899 ($US650) and I absolutely love it! Great camera, long battery life, smooth 90Hz screen refresh, beautiful AMOLED display, very fast charging, and 5G to boot. If it were waterproof and had wireless charging, I would consider it the perfect phone for the price.

GGG, 06 Aug 2020I red 100% of it, it's filled with nonsensical stuff l... moreYou may have read (not red) 100% of it but you sure as heck comprehended none of it. And how fast "I find it to be" isn't the problem here. It's how fast it is. People want a smooth experience out of their phone, the 765G isn't enough for that. Not unless the phone has some of the best optimization, which this doesn't. OnePlus might've done it, but Oppo is light years behind OnePlus in terms of optimization. You calling it smooth is the result of having zero experience whatsoever of smooth performance. You went from an 821 to this, remember. People will act like 30 fps is smooth till they try 60. People will act like 60 fps is smooth till they try 90. People will act like 90 fps is smooth till they try 120. People will act like 120 fps is smooth till they try 165.

And I love how you have to go with the western hemisphere for your comparison of economies. You live in the UK don't you? Because the US is #1 in the world. China, Japan, Germany, and India all come next, but are in the eastern hemisphere. The UK is sixth and is mostly in the western hemisphere. On top of that I love how you act like a large economy means a good market. Like India is #5 but do you think everyone there has flagship phones? I'm not sure what the market in the UK is like but I doubt it's good if the S20 costs more than this trash deal. Unless you lied.

  • GGG

joe nodden, 06 Aug 2020(1) You didn't read 90% of my reply. (2) Ok? It's... moreI red 100% of it, it's filled with nonsensical stuff like mentioning your LG phone. I don't care what processor it has or how fast do you find it to be. The 765G is fast enough for 99% of the population and this is confirmed not only by me, but by whatever reviewer you'd like to ask. The Oppo feel great in my day-to-day life, fingerprint sensor is accurate and fast, same goes for the face unlock. Good battery life, nice 35W charging option, decent camera for an average bloke like me with no specific interest in photography. The display is quite bright (confirmed by notebookcheck's review) and runs buttery smooth. I genuinely have no complaints about it and my experience is first-hand, unlike your armchair review.

I find your second point funny, as I live in the country with the second biggest economy in the Western hemisphere, so not exactly a terrible market, is it?

GGG, 06 Aug 2020I went to the local shop, held all of the phones in this pr... more(1) You didn't read 90% of my reply. (2) Ok? It's not my fault you live in a place with a terrible market where the prices are messed up. That doesn't go for the majority of other people. Enjoy your slow phone all you want, just keep your opinions to yourself if they don't apply to 90% of everyone else.

  • GGG

joe nodden, 06 Aug 2020As someone with a slimmer and more lightweight LG V30, I ve... moreI went to the local shop, held all of the phones in this price range in my hand and the OPPO felt the best. Perception is subjective, you know? Same goes for performance, the phone feels lightning fast for me coming from a QC 821 and I honestly don't need more speed, as I don't game or do any other demanding tasks.

Where I live, the S20 is 15% more expensive, which for me is a deal-breaker on it's own, but it also come with the inferior Exynos chip.

GGG, 06 Aug 2020It has a great feel to it, though, and some people care mor... moreAs someone with a slimmer and more lightweight LG V30, I very much disagree. The 765G barely beats the 835 in my V30 and I absolutely loathe the performance of my phone. I don't even do any demanding tasks. General usage is slow. Forget a high refresh rate display it can't even hit 60 fps 90% of the time. Don't give me that nonsense that "some people cARe MoRe AbOuT ThE FeEL". Nobody is going to injure themselves holding 35 more grams.

Besides, I already argued with one of you NPCs about this. The S20 exists. Lighter, smaller, faster, same build quality, cheaper. Absolutely no point to buying this trash.

  • GGG

joe nodden, 14 Jun 2020No the phone isn't great at all. What makes a phone great i... moreIt has a great feel to it, though, and some people care more about that rather than jerking themselves to specs that don't matter in everyday life. I've had this phone for about two weeks now and pretty happy with it, loving the slim, lightweight body and the bright display. Also, where I'm from, there is really no alternative that can compete with the Neo in these departments.

  • ...Reaper...

Lostie, 06 Jul 2020Is this coming to philippines?Yes its coming to Philipines Yess There s a Pinoy

Is this coming to philippines?