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The specs of this phone are solid, but the design is worse than last year in my opinion, and there strangely no 4k or 60fps recording on the front camera. I am a little disappointed with this phone.

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    • Carlos
    • nwH
    • 11 Mar 2021

    CptPower, 11 Mar 2021600 eur is too much i think. Many competitors have much c... moresuch for example?....

      anyone knows if this phone actually has ip68? I don't see that in the specsheet in JD.com

        600 eur is too much i think.
        Many competitors have much cheaper phones with same or better specs for sale.

          Not bad, Oppo. They even got rid of the plastic back option, nice. I was originally going to take some points off (not literal points, it's a phrase, I know someone's going to get confused by that on this site) for the 870 but nah the 888 is an overheating mess anyways.

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            • Daeka
            • q98
            • 11 Mar 2021

            This phone is kinda ugly

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              • Nishad
              • 6p}
              • 11 Mar 2021

              Design should improve!

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                • Anonymous
                • 0w6
                • 11 Mar 2021

                Oppo find X3 600euro but Neo 700euro? What

                  This is the better deal than the pro. 870's performance is FINE on day-to-day usage. While the 888 should be more efficient, I don't think it will make that much of a difference.

                  Shout-out to Oppo for actually putting the basic 2,5, and 66 5G bands on the phone. US T-Mobile and ESPECIALLY AT&T customers will be happy to be able to use this thing's 5G here.

                    The performance difference between SD 888 and 870 is between 6% and 9%, who in their right mind would pay double the price for this small difference...?

                    Maybe it's a pricing scheme to make the Vanilla version looks so good and cheap so that people buy it.

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                      • Anonymous
                      • 3ZW
                      • 11 Mar 2021

                      there is 3mp Macro sensor😁

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                        • Android Stuff
                        • t@g
                        • 11 Mar 2021

                        Looks like a mirrored iPhone

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                          • Anonymous
                          • DhS
                          • 11 Mar 2021

                          Where the Oppo find x3 neo & Find X3 lite

                            If the chipset is the only sole difference between this and the Find X3 Pro, I would just take this variant instead. SD 870 itself is already too powerful for average consumers, let alone the geeks and enthusiasts.