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  • Anonymous

Curved Display. Yay
AMOLED display. Yay
Plastic Back @35k. Nay
Plastic Frames @35k. Nay
Color OS user experience. BIG Nay
No Stereo speakers. Nay
Cameras. Yay
Pricing. Nay. Brilliant buy, if at 27k
Processor. Silent Nay, but chalega
Form Factor(20:9). Yay
Should one invest in buying one. Nay. Because alternatives give better user experience.

Alternatives: Samsung A71, OnePlus 7t

  • Anonymous

Kiran, 11 Aug 2020Don't waste your money. Just wait for the same specs p... moreColor OS in oppo has still miles to go... as far as user experience is concerned. Also, it needs to be noted that smartphones aren't just about ticking all the boxes in specsheet. User experience and software optimization are the biggest parameters while choosing a smartphone. Likes of Apple & Samsung and now OnePlus to some extent 'understand' this. So while user experience is best given in terms of display quality and build by Samsung, the software optimization and performance is exemplified by Apple.

Chinese manufacturers blatantly ignore this that is why you get miui, Color OS as operating system which do a crap of a job despite good hardware because latter was not optimised or in sync with software.

A smartphone is a depreciating asset. Period. But, remember it has to be the one which you will experience at least 10 times in a day throughout its life. So, be wise and careful while choosing one.

Big thumbs down to Chinese manufacturers despite the fact that they charge 50-60% less than Samsung / Apple for same specs.

  • Anonymous

sarkar the govt, 17 Aug 2020my opinion is go for poco m2 pro u get everything descent i... moreYeah, everything 'descent' ;-)

How much available ram ? ( 8 GB Ram option )

  • Siva

Seriously, for those unaware, this reno 4 pro is selling great in India. I myself got one. Loved the curved edges. 65W charging means a lot. It has changed my charging habit forever. Matt white finish with glow is awesome to look at. It costs 35k in India. we get 720g only. Accepted. Still, it is selling good. Lots of people are unaware about processors. Killer look, curved screen, 65w charging can sell decently.
BTW, for those telling y buy 720g for 35k, what processor does moto razr 2 have? What about samsung fold? Processor is not the only selling point. Novelty sells

Skulldow, 15 Aug 2020And looks like benz clalook is subjective...i like the design but for design i m not going to pay 15k more for a depriciate asset

my opinion is go for poco m2 pro u get everything descent in 15k price bracket why should i invest that much amount on same chipset phone...if u need good cameras then wait for google 4a.but dont purchase these overprice shit...i think oppo smoke weed and do the pricing.

  • Anonymous

I think if you find Snapdragon 720G, just don't waste you money. Go for Realme 6 Pro or Redmi Note 9 Pro.

sarkar the govt, 11 Aug 2020specssheet is like i20 and cost is like jaguar And looks like benz cla

  • Mehul

Where is smart service in oppo reno 4 pro. Like smart assistant and smart driving features.

  • Kiran

Don't waste your money. Just wait for the same specs phone like chinese varient of Reno 4 Pro. We may get it as Reno 4 Pro Plus or Reno 5 Pro. If you are only interested in 3D curved screen and Fast Charging you can go for this. After waiting and reviewed so many phones like Oneplus Nord, Vivo x50, Reno 4 Pro etc.. Finally I have decided and bought Reno 10x zoom for 29K in Flipkart Sale which is worth of every penny.

specssheet is like i20 and cost is like jaguar

  • Khan

This is the end of Oppo phones, the best failure phone, 720G and plastic body.Lol, oppp destroyed its reno series.

  • Dr Sohaib

Why is oppo always extra ambitious and experimental with their Reno series ?
Always release Reno phones with a higher price tag expecting people to a actually buy them but when met with cold response by the buyers they tend to offer those price cuts. Every single time.
Look at Reno 4 pro. They removed SD765 , the telephoto lens , and still released it for a 600$ price tag ? Are they nuts ?

  • Adan

Of course it fails to impress as we've seen this phone before once or twice.. with a different branding that is.

  • Ben

How on earth they are trying to sell SD 720 phone for a whopping $600. Reality check is necessary.

  • JoshuaEspinosa

This is pointless. You can just buy a phone with Snapdragon 865 with this price range. Oppo was a good competitor back then.

Hridoy, 04 Aug 2020This phone is one of the greatest phone in the world No it's not. Smartphone World have so much offering for that price. Midrange : Xiaomi note 9 Pro, realme x50 5g, realma x3, realme 6 Pro, Samsung a71, redmi 10x 5g
Last year flagship : xiaomi mi 9, nova 5t, p30, s10, op7, vivo 1qoo series etc
Used flagship: lg g8, lgv40, lgv50, mate 30, s20
But everything is on you. For me, won't waste it just for the fast charging.

Its funny they promote here and offering FREE GIFT this and that while the truth is its way too overpriced for SD 720G lol

  • James iQOO 3 5G

Are u kidding me soc only Snapdragon 720G?