Oppo Reno5 Pro 5G

Oppo Reno5 Pro 5G

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  • danial

Dont have stereo speaker in this phone??..with those price but no stereo speaker???

It's a perfect phone, I highly recommend it
Camera, performance, battery everything is really nice
You'll never regret

  • Syed

Any one can advise??
Because I want to buy

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 30 Apr 2021Despite all the bad reviews posted here I got my Reno 5 Pro... moreif the company itself announced 36 minutes for full charge how you get it in 20 minutes .. upgrading from shitty phone to this phone for sure will make u satisfied but will see how long it will last until u sell ur phone for 50% of its original price.

Here's my own review after using this device (OPPO Reno5 Pro 5G):

1. Despite Malaysia doesn't have 5G yet, I buy this phone for future proof because 1 day I might get 5G service in the future (heard that will be coming by end of 2021).
2. For about RM2600, I know it's quite a little bit expensive for this phone because the phone feels premium phone.
3. Talking about processor, it use Mediatek Dimensity 1000+. Gaming was great! But do note that some games doesn't optimize well yet like Arcaea (I get 60fps instead of 90fps because the game can support up to 90fps but not optimize by OPPO or the chipset itself), Genshin Impact and PUBG. If you play certain games like PUBG and Genshin Impact, do expect that the game will overheat really bad. I installed Antutu Benchmark to monitored the temperature and play Genshin Impact and PUBG at maximum settings. The temperature up to 45°C and 43°C respectively.
4. The camera was great tho. You can shoot videos and photos at night without worrying turn on the flash. It have EIS which makes video less shaky.
5. For battery life, single charge can lasted about 7 hours screen on time if you play game a little, scroll on Facebook and Instagram, watch videos on YouTube and play some music. But if you play heavy games like PUBG and Genshin Impact that I mentioned earlier, it will last about 3.5-4.5 hours screen on time if you play non stop (depend on game graphics settings).

  • ihm

Anonymous, 30 Apr 2021Despite all the bad reviews posted here I got my Reno 5 Pro... moreso Alaeddin his lying .

  • Anonymous

Despite all the bad reviews posted here I got my Reno 5 Pro 5G phone anyway and it works just fine. The battery is charging in ~20 mins and lasting for two days, it isn't overheating, the CPU is fast and the apps are responsive. Camera is not the best but ok. Great going so far. Definitely seems an upgrade over my previous Samsung S10 except for the camera.

  • Osmith

The Oppo smartphone uses a great Dimensity chipset and cameras. Gaming aspect is also very smooth

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Feb 2021Bad battery life and the battery draining is very fast don&... morebecause it is only 3550 mah .. check the battery capacity using Ampere, fast charge pro, accubattery.

  • Anonymous

The chosen goose, 19 Mar 2021can someone describe the performance of the battery ?very poor. read my opinion above.

  • Anonymous

ihm, 09 Apr 2021where did you purchase phone ? jarir ? noon

  • Anonymous

some random dude, 22 Apr 2021Source???i have the devise in my hand now and i installed the following apps: ampere, fast charge pro, accubattery, and other 3 apps, all of them are showing the design capacity as 3350 mah and estimated capacity 3350.

besides that i am already suffering with the battery which is not lasting for more than half a day with normal use even i am not playing any kind of gaming.

Alaeddin, 08 Apr 2021Go for real me .. The oppo announced fake battery capac... moreSource???

  • SGunjote

Very very disappointed purchasing this phone I was very happy with oppo reno 2z that I had used fir 2 yrs without a single glitch.
Below are list of disappointments and frustrations-

1)Battery sucks- It doesnt even serve for a full day with 100% charge,all the time drains like hell. Especially when you put phone in power saving mode itshows it would last 1hr talk time with 6% battery but doesn't even last 15 min talk time....useless, sheer waste

2) In addition to above point the phones received in power saving mode never appear on screen leaving you baffled as to know who is calling you? Until the call stops ringing and then you discover your caller...what a pity.

3)Front Camera - Poorest of resolutions I have seen ever for the price paid

4) Call recording feature is present but when start call recording it becomes obvious as the caller n receiver are announced that their call is getting recorded, why the hell you need this feature to be embarrassed.

5)Music quality is not great as Reno2z

6) Suddenly once in a while the phone stops showing you the caller in normal mode so the next 2To 3 hrs u keep wondering what's gone wrong until u restart the phone .

Overall worst experience with oppo reno 5 pro compared to 2z

  • ihm

Alaeddin, 05 Apr 2021I have this phone and i am disappointed: 1) I unboxed the ... morewhere did you purchase phone ?

jarir ?

  • Alaeddin

Anonymous, 29 Jan 2021I'm confused between Oppo Reno5 Pro 5G and Realme X7 P... moreGo for real me ..

The oppo announced fake battery capacity of 4500 mah while it is 3550 only.

  • Alaeddin

I have this phone and i am disappointed:
1) I unboxed the devise from its original carton and found a small scratch in its top frame even though i purchased it from an official distributor here in KSA and was sealed.

2) Battery performance:
- They announced that battery is 4500mah however tested through different apps and in fact the battery is only 3550mah (u can validate this by using different apps like Ampere or fast charge pro).
- Battery drain fast even while the phone on standby mode.

3) A lot of strange bugs (e.g. whenever i open a sound message on whatsapp i keep hearing beep tone and i am unable to find out a solution for this.

4) While the phone is on always-on display, and you want to unlock it, the finger print takes time to appear and sometimes i need to carry the phone with hand for it to appear.

5) I noticed that sometime i am missing the notifications on the lock screen. When i unlock the screen i find some notifications which were received while the phone was locked.

Overall, my advise to you if u did not buy this phone yet, go for matured phone manufacturing companies, this one does not worth it.

  • Anonymous

Overpriced user, 01 Apr 2021Overpriced at least 200$.What u need these features for free??

  • Overpriced user

Overpriced at least 200$.

  • Amro

I'm facing an issue which make me really disappointed,
I bought the oppo reno 5 pro from Bahrain.

The phone auto locking system isn't working properly.
Sometimes when i play an youtube video after it ends the display is keeping working.

Note the auto play video is disabled and all the other settings are okay.
I hope if someone give me the solution