Oppo Reno5 Pro 5G

Oppo Reno5 Pro 5G

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  • Amro

I'm facing an issue which make me really disappointed,
I bought the oppo reno 5 pro from Bahrain.

The phone auto locking system isn't working properly.
Sometimes when i play an youtube video after it ends the display is keeping working.

Note the auto play video is disabled and all the other settings are okay.
I hope if someone give me the solution

  • AneeshGovind

The main 2 issues.
1 .If you coonect with tv through screen cast , the synching problem and little stuck to play videos.
2 if you record a video . The audio will not synch.

The main 2 issues I faced , so iam disappointed.


please new software update add call recoding sistem

I am a little disappointed with the camera system. The "pro" model doesn't improve anything from the base model. There is no OIS on the main camera. The ultrawide is worse than the base model. The two completely useless macro and depth cameras should not be here on a $600-$700 phone. The front camera dropped in resolution, and it lacks 4K recording. Looking at the chipset, I know that the main camera should be capable of recording at 4K 60fps.

  • Aymen

Best phone from oppo ❤️❤️

  • Lucky singam

Phone display is good. But full heating problem very bad phone i am very unsatisfied

can someone describe the performance of the battery ?

  • Hitchhiker

Deadman, 06 Feb 2021This phone feel like flagship but the camera why no OIS in ... moreThe phone's gyroscopic sensors handle that aspect as I understand it.

  • Hitchhiker

SAMSUNG Fan, 12 Feb 2021I Like all the specs except for the battery MAH. Make it 50... moreProbably not so important since the top notch MediaTek Dimensity 1000+ uses 40% less power than its competitors. The phone will also continue to function for 1½ hours even when the battery only has 5% charge left.

  • Hitchhiker

Frank, 06 Mar 2021Oppo prizes are to High compared to Xiaomi. Xiaomi uses go... moreThe phone uses the top notch MediaTek Dimensity 1000+ so your argument is invalid I'm afraid. That chipset supports 5G and uses 40% less power than its rivals. Download speeds are reputed to be 4.7Gbps.

  • Hitchhiker

Dev kumar, 16 Feb 2021Memory card slot not available in this me.... Why?The phone supports USB OTG which means all you need is an OTG connector (about $12) and you can connect an ordinary PC USB drive to the phone for additional storage. All USB drive types including USB 3.1 are supported. This means you can expand extendable storage up to 2TB with a single drive. Access via Android System ---> USB Drive after you connect the drive.

  • Sougat

The audio quality with headphones is one of the best I ever heard.

  • Mal

I think is very good for me... Is more2 better with 12gb ram 256 rom... Very fast and exclusive... This phone suitable for that price...

  • Botoy

Frank, 06 Mar 2021Oppo prizes are to High compared to Xiaomi. Xiaomi uses go... moreyeah thats right, what the problem is oppooo is fame hahaha lol

Frank, 06 Mar 2021Oppo prizes are to High compared to Xiaomi. Xiaomi uses go... moreBut Xiaomi will also put ads on their phones, that's why the prices are lower than usual

  • P

I am looking for phones with decent specs and more importantly 400 ppi or so and working DC dimming.

  • Frank

Oppo prizes are to High compared to Xiaomi. Xiaomi uses good Chip for lesser Price. But Oppo will use a Mid-range chip for high price. This is why Xiaomi has a better market structure than Oppo.

  • Ali

Anyone wants to exchange with mi note 10t

  • Cpsingh

Usb 3.1 not supported.

  • Magnifico

I have a question what is the meaning of tear drop logo 💦on the upper right side?