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  • pabs

Deng, 28 Jun 2019Will it be released here in the Philippines?we have in uae

  • adhi

Will it be released here in the india ???...

  • Deng

Will it be released here in the Philippines?

  • Greed

I'm pretty sure it's got quite the performance. I have an Oppo F7 and it's rockin'.! Most of my games, which are fairly demanding when it comes to graphics are maxed. Smooth as heck! Lol

  • kudin

i love Oppo Reno Z..When Oppo Reno Z release in Malaysia?

  • Renz

A 32 MP Snapper , Wow !

  • Anonymous

George, 12 Jun 2019I got mine... Glazing Purple. Awesome screen and very comfortabl... moreCan you please tell us about the battery life, camera quality and gaming performace? Thank you.

Couldn't get a proper video review on this. Please post link if you have any. Any idea when it's coming to India or Sri Lanka?

  • George

George, 04 Jun 2019Curious mix of spec. Battery capacity is good. Camera config is ... moreI got mine... Glazing Purple. Awesome screen and very comfortable to hold.

  • George

Curious mix of spec. Battery capacity is good. Camera config is especially commendable - 48MP - This sensor is now a favourite. GPU is also new gen from Imagination Tech - Same GPU make that's there in apple phones. Waiting to get hands on it !!!

  • Anonymous

Nil001, 03 Jun 2019Is that phone with night mode camera???? This chinese page has night mode samples.

  • sahnoun

why 9.1mm for the size 🤔 soo wired noo!!

  • Nil001

Is that phone with night mode camera????

  • Anonymous

the scores matter to some people but others prefer real usage, GPU-wise, this phone will be great for gaming but I have not used any MTK phone yet to judge the battery usage, so we'll see, this phone is really good overall, I just hope the camera is not like other Oppo which has auto-filter and makes people look like anemic :3

  • waseem

i falling in love with this phone

  • Anonymous

manstein, 31 May 2019Overall a very good phone, but with Mediatek OS update can be tr... moreA fair analysis...
Based on the past about updates. But maybe Android 9.0 ans GSI can change the deal.
Based on ISP and AI capabilities.

About powervr, it seems that it reaches 30fps on Manhattan 3.0 (33fps on SD710).
Whole Antutu's score is 173000 on Ulefone Armor 7 with P90...it's close to SD710's
As both P90 and SD710 use A75 running at 2.2ghz, CPU scores should be the same.
As both P90 and SD710 use Lpdd4x 1866mhz, Memory scores should be the samedi.
So that GPU scores should be close.

About power efficiency, as SD710 uses 10nm it should be better.
But P90 should be better than SD675 on this part...

Overall a very good phone, but with Mediatek OS update can be tricky and there are no custom Roms.
The P90 will make the Reno take better photos than the SD710 alternative (very high AI, ZSD at 48 MP).
I hope for a not high retail price.
The great unknowns for me:
-is the Powervr GM9446 good for gaming ? And is there any online benchmark for it ?
-is the P90 much more battery hungry compared to SD710 ?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 30 May 2019if thats really your argument, then SD card wont save you either... moreYou can of course swap out the memory card so it affords you "infinite" storage in that sense.

There are good reasons to use SD cards, but they are relatively narrow. For instance if you want to listen to lots of music somewhere you can't use data, or if you take a lot of photos and it's not possible to upload them. Again, these are fairly narrow uses for a minority of people.

  • Anonymous

SMYasir, 30 May 2019my point is more inclined to the fact as to WHY the phone makers... moreIt can have a huge impact on phone design. It has to be externally accessible so that takes up space beyond just the outline of the memory card, which is an already relatively large component.

Phones are already very complex and tight on space, there are tradeoffs and many people don't care about memory cards and never use them. You think that just because you think they are important then everyone does.

  • Adreno320

Nice !