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  • nikojas

Is this phone going to get Android 10? Don't want to buy it, if its not...

  • Anonymous

confused Y, 10 Sep 2019i want to buy this phone but the huawei mate 20 is on sale with ... moreI would go with the oppo reno z. Mediatek p 90 is an excellent chip. Used to own a huawei. Kirin processor gets warm when im playing games.

  • CnlsClive

Frankly my opinions after watching the reviews as i can say is the oppo reno z is awesome evethau it doesn't have the motorized pop up camera eventha the selfie notch camera is unpleasing to other user,everyone has there taste on that but i like the fone its epic on a midrange phone,,,😊😊😊&­amp;#128076;👌

  • Codename47

Just got the phone today from Sydney, Australia. The phone is amazing value for $420 ( Ebay 20% off sale brought the price down).
Screen size is what I was after and quality is top notch. 128Gb /8gb Ram model came with headphones and fast charger.Another plus for me is the battery size.
Camera could be bit better but it still takes amazing photos.
Phone definitely feels snappier and no lag.
Upgraded from LG G6. Also using Honor 10.

  • confused Y

i want to buy this phone but the huawei mate 20 is on sale with the same price.. anyone pls tell me which is worth buying pls.. not a techie here. thanks

  • Anonymous

can i uninstall facebook from this device?

Australian Model. CPH1979
128GB storage, actual size 109GB
Fingerprint and facial recognition software is very good and precise.
Battery drain is noticeable. About 5% per hour.
The big bonus is the charger as the charge times are dramatically dropped to just 30 minutes to charge 30%.
ColorOS and built in apps are a nice style to see and is user friendly coupled with Android Pie. But unlike other brands has had no security updates since 05/07/2019.
The sound hardware coupled with a bluetooth speaker is ordinary.
Camera is average even know the specs say the camera is 48mp.
OPPO have the phone already with a protective screen film but that scratched very quickly.
Their is a protective gel case that comes with the phone. Its good and does the job.

  • Alex

Oppo heared the customers and put the headphone jack back

  • Anonymous

This phone does not have mobile net work speed

  • Robbo

Pat5zero, 24 Aug 2019Bought this phone yesterday, hopeless sound system, no Dolby Atm... moreHow do you expect dolby atmos to work via a bluetooth speaker if the speaker does not have atmos itself?

Bought this phone yesterday, hopeless sound system, no Dolby Atmos feature with Bluetooth speakers, but very quick cpu, camera takes nice pictures and yes takes acceptable night time photos.
Can't have any txt or email icon notifications on the locked screen except time and date and a little icon of a phone with no number of calls missed like other android systems.
Very good copy speeds from computer to mobile for any type of media.
Soon as you pick the phone up the fingerprint sensor appears so its possible to put a 9HD glass protector on but comes with factory applied screen protector which is a bonus.
They say you get what you pay for but this company OPPO has gone above and beyond in features for the price.

  • bobzie

fantastic mid ranger here in Aus. (We get 8gb model) Works well with 4G and wifi. no issues at all, very happy

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Aug 2019this phone is a must forget phone , wifi weakI have no issue with wifi at home or work. maybe your router is bad, then again I'm using mesh lol

RenoZ-User, 20 Aug 2019i have been using this phone for 2 weeks Pros: beautiful di... moreI agree with the pros! Not so much with the cons. The charger isn't that bulky. I do think that VOOC accessories are not as easily available as Qualcomm or Apple accessories

Anonymous, 16 Aug 2019this phone is a must forget phone , wifi weakWhich country are you in? I would stop posting here and go to an Oppo store or contact their support team. It's better than discouraging people to buy a great phone!!

  • RenoZ-User

i have been using this phone for 2 weeks

beautiful display and colors compared with other super amoled and ips displays
awesome stereo sound with Dolby
able to run most game on high settings with no problems
great, solid camera, no gimmicky features
very little bloatware apps
Color OS is fine
Glass Front and Back, solid feel on hand
Free Case

water droplet selfie blocks part of your screen estate
wifi not as strong as other major brands
the charger adapter is bulky
VOOC charging only, cant share your friend's qualcomm quickcharge

  • Anonymous

this phone is a must forget phone , wifi weak

  • harry

oppo reno z when Released mobile store

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Jul 2019Oppo reno z doesn't have stereo speakers. While poco have themYes it does

  • Anonymous

JonJon, 30 Jul 2019Ok so I'm in the UK. I couldn't exert my patience and ran out an... moreWhat network are you on? I'm on ee and minds absolutely fine!