Oppo rumored to enter tablet market soon

Michail, 26 August 2021

There’s a wave of Android tablets coming from Chinese makers recently and it seems Oppo is ready to join in with its own offering. Noted tipster Digital Chat Station took to Weibo to tease a few key specs of the upcoming Oppo tablet and an illustrative image which should give us an idea of what the device might look like when it launches.

Digital Chat Station Weibo post (machine translated)
Digital Chat Station Weibo post (machine translated)

Oppo’s tablet is said to feature a large 12.6-inch screen which matches Huawei’s most recent MateTab Pro. The actual device render used in the post is the very same Huawei tablet as the tipster claims Oppo’s offering will closely resemble Huawei’s device. Oppo’s tab will boot a modified version of ColorOS for tablet which will come with a dock and widgets. The slate will also support continuity features with Oppo’s phones, watch and Bluetooth earphones for seamless integration.

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If Realme has a tablet, its parent, Oppo of course will not be far behind as well as sister company Vivo.

No it isn't janky at all, have you even used another Android tablet besides Samsung? The majority of people who use tablets (not just Android tablets but all of them), use them for media consumption and social media (maybe light gaming). The top...

  • Anonymous
  • 27 Aug 2021
  • gn4

When l first got into iOS (and macOS) development, I really liked it but it didn't last long. l got frustrated with the terrible documentation, buggy Xcode and other Apple developer tools and constantly having to bend over for Apple's backw...

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