Oppo unveils new charging technologies

Ivan, 22 July 2021

Today Oppo announced its new charging technologies, which aim to ensure battery safety during fast charging.

Oppo claims that using its hardware and AI software, a battery will have lost only 20% of its capacity after 1500 cycles, which exceeds the requirements by 300%.

Starting with internal string double cell, which is grouping of two cells in one battery enclosure. A layer of polymer allows the two cells to work independently from each other.

A battery safety detection chip is self-explanatory. It will look for abnormal voltage dips and alert you if you need to have the battery checked or replaced.

Smart charging promises to regulate the best charging current dynamically for different types of battery capacities and charging adapters. It will negotiate the best current with the lowest allowable heat.

Speaking of heat, Oppo says it managed to halve heat generation by using a low-impedance fuse.

And for the first time, Oppo will implement gallium nitride to the circuitry of its phones (likely chargers too). GaN offers better voltage resistance than silicon, making for smaller chargers, and is more efficient at transferring current, meaning it loses less energy to heat.

Oppo unveils new charging technologies

Finally, Oppo claims that using these technologies 65W charging is now 20% faster, managing to top up a 4,500mAh battery in 30 minutes.

Oppo didn't talk about upcoming products that will use these technologies, so we'll have to wait and see.

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Reader comments

Still waiting for irridium cells capable of self recharging and regenerating on its own. Thats the real and maybe only uture of batteries.

  • Rishabh Soni

Amazing real innovator in the world is OPPO & VIVO Only.

All crap. Lithium used in smartphones have a limit of taking superfast charging and capacity of battery in super fast charging decreases because thickness of separator between electrodes. And fast charging decreases battery life. Best is 30 watt char...

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